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Camel Student Poster Colours

• Camel Poster Colours are bold, bright and opaque • They are easy to mix, flow easily and dry quickly, making painting a delightful experience • They are available in 6 & 14 pack sizes and shade assortments • This product is non-toxic

Camel Student Poster Colours are a vibrant and versatile set of artistic paints specifically designed to meet the needs of students, beginners, and hobbyists. Known for their exceptional quality and affordability, these poster colours offer a fantastic range of colors and smooth consistency that make them ideal for various art projects.

The set includes a wide selection of 12 vivid hues, including primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, allowing artists to explore their creativity and experiment with different color combinations. Each color is richly pigmented, ensuring excellent coverage and brilliant results on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, canvas, and more.

One of the standout features of Camel Student Poster Colours is their ease of use. The paints have a creamy texture that spreads effortlessly, making them suitable for a range of techniques, from brushwork to blending and layering. They also offer good opacity, allowing artists to achieve vibrant and opaque finishes or build up translucent layers for added depth and dimension.

The paints are water-based and non-toxic, making them safe for artists of all ages. They can be easily diluted with water for creating lighter shades or transparent glazes, and they dry quickly to a smooth, matte finish. Whether you're a student, art enthusiast, or simply looking to unleash your creativity, Camel Student Poster Colours are a reliable choice that will bring your artwork to life.

Camel Student Poster Colours

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  • 2082-14 Shades
  • 2082-6 Shades

Camel Student Poster Colours Camel
Camel Student Poster Colours
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