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Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache 14ml (Loose)
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Mont Marte Gouache 24pc x 12ml Mont Marte
Mont Marte Gouache 24pc x 12ml Mont Marte
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Neva Palette Master Class Gouache Set (16 x 20ML) Neva Palette
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Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache - 37ml (Loose)
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Daler Rowney Simply Gouache Set Daler Rowney
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Daler Rowney Simply Gouache Set
Rs. 442.00Rs. 470.00
  • Gouache colours are water medium paint colours that are encapsulated with a gum Arabic binding agent, water, natural or synthetic pigment along with some inert material. These types of paint colours have been in existence for more than the past 12 centuries. The Gouache colours are special among all the types of colours because they comprise the qualities of acrylic colours as well as watercolours. The Gouache paint set brings a matte & opaque finish after drying. The best gouache paint has various properties such as matte finishing, smooth, solid, lightfast, bold, rapid drying, colourful results, etc. Professional artists often use white gouache to creatively highlight their watercolour paintings. We, at Canvazo have stocked the best gouache paint from prominent brands to meet your personalized artistic requirements.
  • Animation: The gouache colour is utilized by the animators in the form of a final medium to develop the animation cells
  • Illustration: Gouache paint sets have wide popularity among commercial artists as well as illustrators. They use it for illustration due to its matte colours, & other properties like lightfast, opacity, and boldness.
  • Mixed Media Projects: Acrylic gouache is best used for creating mixed media projects. It is so because using acrylic gouache is easier on fabrics, glass, wood, etc to create wonderful artistic creations.
  • Graphic Design Projects: Gouache sets also have a huge scope among graphic designers as these paints easily allow pencils or pens to work on the surface without creating any hindrance. They often integrate the best gouache paint into other types of media like coloured pencils, ink, pen, gels, etc for bringing forth the first class dynamic designs & masterpieces.
  • Design & Architecture: The gouache colours are used for various designing purposes such as comics, posters, digital art, etc. Moreover, these colours are a mandatory need for architects to accomplish various tasks such as mockups, renderings, and illustrations.
  • Fine Art and Paper Crafting: Gouache paint set plays a vital role in the field of fine arts & paper crafting. The acrylic gouache dries quickly bringing numerous textures & layers to your art surfaces like canvas, wood, paper, etc.
  • Types of Gouache Paints: There are generally two different types of gouache paint I.e., Regular Gouache and Acrylic Gouache. Regular gouache also known as traditional gouache paint is a water-based paint that has similar properties to watercolours & it needs to get activated with water. They are made using a binder, natural pigments, and water. It is flexible, easy to experiment with, and make adjustments or revisions as a beginner. Acrylic gouache colours are professional artist-grade colours that are created from pigments held up in an acrylic polymer emulsion. These are water-based, durable, permanent & possess an intense & vibrant colour. It has fast-drying properties as compared to regular gouache. Although, after drying thoroughly, it gives a water-resistant finish that we can not alter or wet again. Layering colours, to create wonderful textures on numerous surfaces is feasible with acrylic gouache paints.
  • Brands of Gouache Paints: Canvazo is the house for top Gouache Paints brands at the single online art supply store. You get options to choose from top renowned brands such as Liquitex, Pebeo, Monte Marte, Neva Palette, Brustro, Winsor & Newton, etc. These brands offer Gouache Paints in vibrant colours & sizes like in a tube set of 6, 12, 16, 24, etc. Many popular brands offer top-notch Gouache Paints that can be applied over varied materials such as cardboard, drawing sheets, padded canvas, etc. Each Brand is well known to have its unique specialities. Neva Palette colours are in demand for the gum Arabic addition to the pigments & binders. As a result, it is water washable & creates a beautiful velvety surface. Monte Marte is well known for matter finishing, smooth consistency & high-quality pigments. Liquitex Acrylic Gouache is generally purchased for its fluid & creamy texture. This way, according to the preference & need of an artist, they can purchase these colours from top brands at our store.


1. What is Acrylic gouache paint?

Ans - Acrylic gouache paint or acryla gouache is a type of traditional gouache paint. It is generally opaque & provides more extensive coverage. It turns waterproof from water-soluble once the acrylic binder is added to it.

2. Is gouache paint washable?

Ans - Gouache paint is a water-based paint & is washed using 'water & soap.'

3. Is gouache paint permanent?

Ans - Gouache paint is a non-permanent paint comprising giant pigment particles.

4. How long can gouache paint last?

Ans - The best gouache paint lasts for more than 5 years.

5. Does gouache paint crack?

Ans - The gouache colour faces the sticking problem if a surface is very thin or when multiple layers are applied aggressively on a single area leading to cracks.

6. What is the difference between gouache paint, and acrylic paint?

Ans - Gouache paint has a matte soft, flat finish after drying. Acrylic paint has an opaque, shinier, brighter finish after drying.

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