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Oil Pastels

Doms Oil Pastels

Rs. 102.00 – Rs. 196.00
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Bright colours Smooth colour laydown Scrapper tool for effective colouring techniques Even colouring texture Ideal for intermixing, shading, highlighting and texturing

Mungyo Gallery Artists Soft Oil Pastels Colors

Rs. 479.20 – Rs. 5,999.20
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• Formulated from the finest pigments and materials for rich color and smooth consistency • these oil pastels are perfect for any artistic ex-pression • Easily blended either dry or...

Camel Artist Oil Pastels Sets

Rs. 297.50 – Rs. 552.50
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• Ideal Use: Oil painting • Colours: Assorted 25/50 Shades

Brustro Artists Oil Pastels Set of 48

Rs. 999.00Rs. 849.00
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Brustro Artists Oil Pastels Set Assorted set of 48 high-end oil pastels with a smooth velvety finish. Rich vivid colours with a high pigment load. Blends easily and is great...

Camel Oil Pastel Set

Rs. 102.00 – Rs. 196.00
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• Camel oil pastels are rich, bright, and intermixable colours • Smooth and easy to apply • Ideal for colour mixing, etching, shading and creating textured design

Pentel Oil Pastels Sets

Rs. 180.00 – Rs. 383.00
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Pentel Oil Pastels Sets have clear, rich, fade-resistant color applied smoothly Blends easily for subtle shades, tints, and color mixtures For use on board, paper, or canvas

Faber-Castell Premium Oil Pastels

Rs. 360.00 – Rs. 540.00
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• Premium hexagonal shaped oil pastels available in over 60 shades and 36 shades • Superior colour mixing and blending qualities with extra smooth laydown • Rich, vibrant and intense...

DOMS Non-Toxic Hexagonal Jumbo Oil Pastel Set in Plastic Carry Case

Rs. 162.00 – Rs. 324.00
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Doms Hexagonal Oil Pastels are safe Colouring Tools that inspire sharp minds to create their own masterpieces 50/25 vibrant shades enable sharp minds to develop self-expressions, build motor skills, colour...

Doms Art Strokes

Rs. 149.00Rs. 127.00
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A comprehensive combination kit to satisfy your kids' creative needs. It is a well curated kit which includes a wide range of products required by your creative child. Attractive packing...

Oil pastels are a versatile and popular medium for artists of all skill levels. They are made from pigment, wax, and oil, and come in a range of vibrant colours.

Oil pastels are known for their ability to blend easily and create a wide range of effects, from bold strokes to delicate details.

Whether a beginner or an experienced artist, oil pastels are a great way to add depth and texture to your artwork.

We understand the importance of quality art supplies and thus strive to make easy drawing with oil pastels possible. To ensure the artistic experience, we offer a range of high-quality oil pastels from renowned brands that helps with enhancing the final results and adding value to the art.

With reliable, resilient, and a variety of colours, our range of oil pastels reflects versatility and caters to many artistic requirements with proficiency.

How to Use Oil Pastels

Oil pastels can be used for a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, including:
  • Drawing: Oil pastels are ideal for drawing because they allow for a wide range of marks, from thin lines to bold strokes.
  • Painting: Oil pastels can also be used for painting by layering and blending colours to create a painterly effect.
  • Mixed Media: Oil pastels are versatile enough to be used in combination with other media, such as acrylics or watercolours, to create mixed media artwork.
  • Impressionism: Oil pastels are well-suited for impressionistic art styles, which often feature bold strokes and vivid colours.
  • Realism: Oil pastels can also be used for realistic artwork, as they allow for fine details and subtle shading.

Types of Oil Pastels

We offer a wide variety of oil pastels to suit every artistic need. Some of the types of oil pastels available at Canvazo include:

  • Soft Oil Pastels: Soft oil pastels are made with a higher concentration of pigment and less binder, resulting in a creamy texture that allows for easy blending and layering.
  • Hard Oil Pastels: Hard oil pastels are made with a higher concentration of binder and less pigment, resulting in a firmer texture that is ideal for creating precise lines and details.
  • Water-Soluble Oil Pastels: Water-soluble oil pastels can be used wet or dry, making them a versatile option for artists. When used dry, they have a soft texture that is easy to blend, and when used wet, they can create a watercolour-like effect.
  • Metallic Oil Pastels: Metallic oil pastels are perfect for adding a shimmering touch to your artwork. They come in a range of metallic colours and can be used alone or in combination with other oil pastels.
  • Student-Grade Oil Pastels: Student-grade oil pastels are an affordable option for beginners or artists on a budget. They are made with a lower concentration of pigment and binder, resulting in a softer texture that is easy to work with.

Best Brands of Oil Pastels

  • Canvazo offers a variety of oil pastels from top brands in the industry, including Doms, Camel, Pentel, Faber Castell, and Brustro. Catering to varied requirements, these oil pastels differ in terms of textures, pigments and price range.
  • Each product is carefully selected by our team to ensure the highest quality and best results. Our selection includes a variety of colours and sets, perfect for beginners or professional artists.


1. What are oil pastels, and how are they different from traditional pastels?

Ans - Oil pastels are a type of art medium that uses a wax binder and oil-based pigments. They are similar to traditional pastels, but the wax binder makes them more resistant to smudging and allows for easier blending.

2. What surfaces can oil pastels be used on?

Ans - Oil pastels can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, cardboard, and wood. It's important to note that different surfaces may require different techniques and may affect the final result.

3. How do I blend oil pastels?

Ans - Oil pastels can be blended using a variety of techniques, including finger blending, blending with a paper towel or cloth, and using a blending tool. Experimenting with different techniques can help you achieve different effects.

4. How do I protect my oil pastel artwork?

Ans - Oil pastel artwork should be protected with a fixative spray to prevent smudging and fading. It's also recommended to store the artwork in a protective sleeve or portfolio to prevent damage.

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