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Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color ) Camel
Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color ) Camel
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Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color )
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Pidilite Fevicryl Glass Colours Water Based Pidilite
Pidilite Fevicryl Glass Colours Water Based Pidilite
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Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set Camel
Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set Camel
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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint - 6 x 20 ml - Discovery Set Pebeo
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  • Glass colours for artists are the colours that can be directly applied over the glass to create masterful art designs. We have been studying a lot about the artwork on Stretched Canvas, but this glass paint colour stands specifically for the glass. Most of these glass colours are easy to use, handy, and don't require any medium for their application. The glass paint colours have excellent luster, shine, and versatility and create stained glass effects for home-based objects or commercial purposes. You also get metallic and opaque final finish results. Moreover, mixing these colours is extremely easy, and you can blend various assorted colours that produce a colour that is mesmerizing, beautiful, & unique.
  • Glass colours for artists are also well known for creating a permanent bond with the glass using glass primer. Due to this, it doesn't chip off, rip off or fade away with humidity or extreme weather conditions. These colours are durable and can be used to create skillful artworks of different patterns, styles, and designs on glasses. It allows the light to pass through without disturbing the vibrant hues leading to an impressive visual effect. The best part about glass colours for painting is that they are non-toxic and non-harmful, and water-based. So it is safe to use by everybody, whether students or art professionals.

Architectural Projects:

  • Various architectural projects require using glass paint colours to create beautiful, mesmerizing glass effects. Whether it's your residential area or commercial field, it uses various glass colours.

Entertainment Lighting:

  • Once you understand how to use glass colours, you can easily benefit from this learning to use these colours for entertainment lighting that will be highly creative and a masterpiece.

Landscape Lighting:

  • Landscape lighting, or garden lighting, uses glass paint colours to create artificial lighting effects on the roads.

Kitchens & Restrooms:

  • To increase the overall appearance and effectiveness of restrooms and kitchens, you can use glass paint colours on the glass fixed in these areas.


  • You can use glass paint colour for decorating table countertops, glass windows, or even glass-based decorative items using different patterns, designs, and vibrant sets of glass colours. Some other decorative examples are Acrylic pen holders, Glass Partition, Greeting cards on polyester film, Glass Lampshades, wood, jewellery, metal, etc.

Types of Glass Colours for Artists:

  • There are various types of glass colours for artists, such as Translucent, Rusty, Pearl, Frost, Back-painted, Opaque, & Coloured Glass. Each type of glass colour caters to specific artistic requirements. You can use a vibrant range of colours to create mesmerizing art effects on the glass. In contrast to this, you can either use the specific glass paint colour or other valid paints such as poster paint, tempera, acrylic enamel, or regular acrylic to paint the glass.

Brands of glass colours:

  • At our online Canvazo art supply store, we offer premium quality glass colours for painting from various brands, such as Pidilite Fevicryl, Camel, and Pebeo.

Pidilite Fevicryl Glass Colours:

  • The nontoxic & high quality "Pidilite Fevicryl Glass Colours Water Based" are available in shades of 6 or 10. They are best suited for crafting, home decor projects, and personalized gifts. It adheres well to glass surfaces & non-porous surfaces like metal & plastic.

Camel Glass Colours:

  • The water & solvent-based glass colours, "Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose colour)," are available in black, gold, and silver colours. They are permanent & provide good adhesion to glass. The extra glossy, intense, rich colours, "Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set'' are available in 5 assorted shades in a 20ml bottle, a 20ml medium bottle & one 20ml black glass liner tube. It's best for stained glass effects, glass painting, and decorative designs. The "Camel Glass Colours Water Based 10ml each, 6 Shades, " is best for DIY enthusiasts & crafters to paint on Acrylic pen holders, Glass Partition, Glass Lamp shades, etc.

Pebeo Glass Colours:

  • Pebeo solvent-based & ready to use glass colours available as:
  • "Pebeo Ceramic Mixed Media Paint - 6 X 20 Ml - Discovery Set" - Best for glass, metal, wood, ceramics jewellery decoration.
  • "Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint" are Oil-based liquid paints that provide a glossy finish after drying & are best for glass, acetate, polyester, and Plexiglas. It is available in the following quantities-
    1. '6 X 20 Ml - Discovery Set,'
    2. '12 X 20 Ml - Collection Set,'
    3. '12 X 20 Ml - Exploration Set,'
    4. '6 X 20 Ml - Initiation Set,'
    5. 'Decorative Glass- Collection Case - 10 X 45 Ml,'
  • "Pebeo Vitrea -160 Glossy Glass Paint Marker Bullet Tip (1.2 Mm) - Assorted Set Of 9 Colours" - Best for thermostable surfaces, glass and crystal.


1. What are Glass colours for artists?

Ans - Glass colours for artists is a type of paint specifically meant to be applied to glass. Generally, people have a myth that any paint can be applied to glass, but that's not true. Glass primer is usually used to create a permanent bond of glass colour paint to the glass.

2. Is glass paint waterproof?

Ans - Yes, the glass paint colours are generally waterproof. Due to this water-resistant feature, it's challenging to peel off the colour after it dries completely. It stays stuck to the glass for a prolonged time without getting destroyed by external humidity, sunlight, dust, or water. It remains bright, beautiful and cannot be washed off, making it durable.

3. How to use glass colours?

Ans - Here is how you can use the glass colours:

  • Start with the preparation of the surface.
  • Dip the brush's mouth into the glass paint colours.
  • Take out the brush and start painting the desired glass area with your intended pattern.
  • Make sure to paint in layers. Let the one part cure before applying other layers to it.
  • Ultimately, you can use a dauber, stylus, or brush to create details.
  • Cure the entire glass painting.

4. Which colours are used for glass painting?

Ans - Generally, specialized glass paints are used for glass painting. Alternatively, other colours can also be used, such as regular acrylic, poster paint, acrylic enamel, tempera, etc.

5. Does the glass paint stay forever?

Ans - The specialized glass paint colours are meant to stay on the glass surface permanently, unlike the regular paint colours. Such glass colours can withstand humidity, nasty weather, sunlight, and other harmful substances. All this will safeguard the paint colours from ripping or peeling off the surface.

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