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Paints and Colours

Camel Artists Acrylic Colour Tubes (Loose Colours) 40ml

Rs. 94.00 – Rs. 128.00
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Camel Artists Acrylic Colour Tubes  The Camlin Artist Acrylic Colours are high quality multi-purpose, and multi-surface colours primarily used by students & art enthusiasts. Even toddlers can use these colours...

Camel Artist Watercolour Tube Set

Rs. 179.00 – Rs. 723.00
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Camel Artist Watercolour Tube Set • Ideal Use : Water Colour Painting• Colours : Assorted Shades• Non -Toxic. The Camel Artist Watercolour Tube Set is a comprehensive and high-quality collection...

Camel Fabrica Acrylic Colours Ultra (Loose Colours) 15ml

Rs. 24.00 – Rs. 25.00
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Camel Fabrica Acrylic Colours Ultra • Camel Fabric Acrylic colours are specially developed for hobby painting • It is best on fabrics, canvas, wood and earthenware • It can be...

Camel Artist Watercolour Tubes 20ml Loose Colours

Rs. 81.00 – Rs. 111.00
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Camel Artist Watercolour Tubes  Camel Artists Water Colours in tubes are formulated using only the finest quality ingredients to ensure maximum purity Transparency and clear tones The Camel Artist Watercolour...

Pidilite Fevicryl Acrylic Colours 100ml

Rs. 98.00 – Rs. 99.00
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Pidilite Fevicryl Acrylic Colours  Mix these paints on the medium of your choice and use them on different surfaces From paper, ceramics, glass, and wood - your choices are endless....

Camel Premium Poster Colours-15ml (Loose - Colours)

Rs. 24.00 – Rs. 48.00
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Camel Premium Poster Colours • 15ml Bottle • Ideal for a smooth matte finish and a completely opaque mass tone • Made from the finest pigments, they give high covering...

Pidilite Fevicryl Fabric Colours 20ml (Loose Colours)

Rs. 22.00 – Rs. 30.00
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Pidilite Fevicryl Fabric Colours • Ideal Use : Acrylic colors best on fabrics, earthenware, canvas, wood, thermacol etc.• Multipurpose and ready to use• Rich soft colors that work well on...

Camel Fluid Acrylic Colours - 50ml (Loose Colours)

Rs. 51.00 – Rs. 85.00
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Camel Fluid Acrylic Colours  • Pouring Consistency• Brilliant Vibrancy• Ready to Use• Permanent On Porous surfaces Camel Fluid Acrylic Colours in 50ml size (Loose Colours) are a versatile and dynamic...

Camel Fabrica Cone Liner Ultra 3D Acrylic Colour (Loose Colours) 20ml

Rs. 21.00 – Rs. 25.00
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Camel Fabrica Cone Liner Ultra 3D  • Camel Fabrica Cone Liners create colourful 3-D designs or graffiti on fabric• They can also decorate non-fabric surfaces like canvas, wood, earthenware, thermocole...