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Pebeo Oil Colours and Mediums


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Pebeo Studio Fine XL Oil Colour Tubes 37ml (Loose) Pebeo
Pebeo Studio Fine XL Oil Colour Tubes 37ml (Loose) Pebeo
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Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 37ml (Loose)
From Rs. 168.00Rs. 210.00
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Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 200 ML (Loose) Pebeo
Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 200 ML (Loose) Pebeo
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Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 200 ML (Loose)
From Rs. 711.00Rs. 790.00
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Pebeo Studio Huile XL Oil Sets (Choose between 12-24) Pebeo
Pebeo Studio Huile XL Oil Sets (Choose between 12-24) Pebeo
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From Rs. 567.00Rs. 630.00

Pebeo Oil Colours and Mediums

  • Pebeo oil colours are high-quality oil colours that are used on varied surfaces such as cardboard, wood, canvas, etc. Oil paint colours are often referred to as colours having slow-drying properties, strong odour & high toxicity. It has pigment particles from drying oils, especially linseed oil. We can change the overall consistency & density of the oil colours by adding various solvents such as white spirit, turpentine, etc. Artists also add varnish to the finally executed oil painting that has completely dried for over months. It increases the shine and lustre of the overall oil painting. Moreover, most of the professionals put the alkyd medium & oil into the final painting for altering the overall dry time and thickness of the oil painting. Many times colour thinning is required. You can use water, petroleum essential oil & other oil mediums to attain the best results. We, being the leading suppliers of art accessories, provide genuine & authentic Pebeo oil colours at our online art supply store. They are available in various ranges and mediums. Explore the website to know about all the available varieties.
  • Buildings: Wood used for the construction of buildings requires proper protection & finishing. This is very well achieved through the Pebeo Oil Colours due to its hard-wearing properties.
  • Exposed Metal Structures: Oil Paints have great strength & provide luminous colourings making them ideal for exterior metal usage like bridges & ships.
  • Exhibitions Displays: Multiple types of painting patterns & portraits are made into the canvas through the best oil colourings for their display in the exhibitions.
  • Paint-on-glass animation: The oil colourings possess slow-drying properties. Due to this reason, it's suitable for paint-on-glass animation.
  • Types of Pebeo Oil Colours: The oil colourings are readily available in the market in two types: Artists' Oil Paint Colours and Student Oil Paints Colours. Artistic oil colourings or professional oil colours provide a higher oil pigmentation ratio leading to a deep saturation of colour. These colours are of top-notch quality and quite expensive as compared to other colour types. Student oil colours are less expensive as compared to artistic oil colours and they comprise a binder. They have a lower oil pigmentation ratio yet provide vibrant colours. The student oil colours have a labelling of 'HUE' on their packet meaning that the synthetic pigment has been used. You can choose any type of oil colours based on your expertise in using it.
  • Brands of Pebeo Oil Colours: We provide high-quality oil colours & mediums from the Pebeo brand. You can choose from a variety of oil colourings according to your preferences. Pebeo brand offers the best oil colourings that are versatile, intensely pigmented & have quick drying properties. The colours are finely grounded, glossy, permanent & have a smooth consistency. Pebeo oil colourings provide a premium colouring experience for both professional artists as well as students. They are simple to use, easy to mix & fun to work with. The Pebeo colour range has a varied palette of colourings with effects that can be intermixed.
  • You get to choose your favourite ones from the long list of light colourings, bright modern colourings, traditional colours, transparent glazing colours, pastel colours, iridescent Dyna colours, etc. All of these colours have a very unique appearance, high compatibility with one another, and are ready to use. Pebeo oil is known for having light fastness & smooth texture. These oil colours are highly pocket-friendly and are available at varied pricing that is worth the investment as compared to Extra Fine Oil Paints.


1. What is the total time taken by Pebeo oil colours to dry?

Ans - Due to the slow oxidizing process of the paint, it takes around 6 months to 1 year for the Pebeo Oil Colours to dry completely from inside whereas they touch dry in 3 to 6 days.

2. How to use oil colours?

Ans - One can use the oil colours by following 5 simple steps:

  • Get well-versed with mediums as many of them are toxic like turpentine.
  • Select your tools & materials such as primer, brushes, rags, palette, paint tubes, etc.
  • Purchase a selective range of palette colours.
  • Use a palette knife to paint.
  • Paint the fixed subject matter again & again for realistic outcomes.

3. How to paint with oil colours?

Ans - Here is how you can paint with oil colours:

  • Gather your oil colouring supplies.
  • Choose a safe working space with ventilation.
  • Use solvents to thin the paint.
  • Prime the canvas to attain maximum output.
  • Outline the entire painting.
  • Layer your painting.

4. Are Pebeo Oil colourings washable?

Ans - Yes, the Pebeo Oil Colours are washable. Although oil colourings take months to dry completely from the interior end, once they dry the outer layer of the oil paint film becomes very thick. So you can rigorously scrub them or wash them without damaging the surface and the actual texture of the painting.

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