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Uniball Posca Water Based Paint Markers


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Uniball Posca Water Based Paint Markers (Loose) POSCA
Uniball Posca Water Based Paint Markers (Loose) POSCA
Uniball Posca Water Based Paint Markers (Loose)
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Uniball Posca 1M Markers Set of 7 Posca
Uniball Posca 1M Markers Set of 7 Posca
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Uniball Posca 1M Markers Set of 7
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Uniball Posca 1M Markers Set of 8 Posca
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Uniball Posca Water Based Paint Markers

  • Posca markers are pigmented watercolour paint markers that are cylindrical and come with a barrel consisting of a small ball for accomplishing the purpose of shaking and mixing it in the right amount. These paint markers are opaque, dense, fluid, fade-resistant, and odorless. Another specialty of posca markers is that it is non-toxic, non-alcohol based, water-based, and lightfast. Posca paint markers are high-quality markers that don't drip or leak because of this they are called as easy to use & free-flowing painting markers. You can also achieve the desired number of strokes in one go as the Posca markers are opaque.
  • Skateboarding: Apply DIY hacks using the varied posca marker shades on decorating your Skateboard.
  • Glass Writing: The posca marker full set can be used to create different textures, patterns, or designs on the glass material.
  • Potted Plants Colouring: The posca markers provide a mesmerizing glow & artwork to the potted plants.
  • Embellishing Caps: Make your caps look more eye-catching & cool with the posca colours.
  • Photos Decoration: Are you looking forward to decorating your photos into something funky & worth the memory? Well, look no more than posca marker full sets to give a beautiful decoration to your existing photos.
  • Designing T-Shirt: Getting the best designs on our t-shirts is what we always look up to. With the help of the Posca markers, you can redefine the way your t-shirt appears to others & craft it into something worth noticing.
  • Multi-Purpose: The Posca marker pens are best known to art enthusiasts due to their multi-purpose functionalities and uses. It is a versatile water paint marker that can be easily used to create masterpieces over varied surfaces like metal, canvas, clay, plastic, wood, poster board, telescoping covers & other porous surfaces.
  • Rock Painting and Large Scale Drawing: Posca marker pen sets give a balance of using their vibrant features while drawing broad lines, fine lines, etc. This water-based marker paint perfectly balances its opaqueness & richness on the surface without leaving anything extra or less than what's required while rock painting and drawing.
  • Types of Posca Markers: The posca markers are available in a variety of sizes as well as tips. You can choose the desired marker from 7 available tips such as 0.7mm ultra-fine pin tip, 0.7mm extra-fine bullet tip, 0.9 to 1.3mm fine bullet tip, 1.8 to 2.5mm medium bullet tip, 8mm chisel tip, 15mm extra-broad tip, and brush pen tip. You can purchase these markers in a set of 7, 8, or as an independent loose marker.
  • Brands of Posca Marker: At Canvazo's online art supply store, we offer the Uniball Posca brand Marker. This brand was initially inaugurated and came into existence in Japan due to which it has been a source of acceptance for being used by beginners, highly qualified artists, or the people in between the two. It is a top-rated brand whose markers are quality tested before handing it over to the designated customers. The brand is also well known for providing pigmented and non-toxic markers that make them the number one choice among artists. The best part is that the posca marker full set can be used for more than 50+ surfaces so ideally whatever surface you choose to use for example fabrics, rocks, metal, canvas etc, we have got it covered for you.


1. What are posca markers?

Ans - POSCA brand markers are non-toxic water-based paint markers that can be applied over 50+ surfaces, helping to create colourful and bold artistic creations.

2. How to use Posca markers?

Ans - Here is how you can use the posca markers:

  • Prep your POSCA marker by shaking it up and down for 10 to 12 seconds in the vertical position.
  • Prime your POSCA marker by pressing it over the useless paper ensuring that it provides a smooth flow.
  • Layer, blend & blow the tip of the marker to emit the spray-paint splatter effect.
  • Re-Prime the marker by conducting the above two processes again & to ensure that it's not clogged or emitting out the watery flow.
  • After completing the drawing process, clean your POSCA paint markers to regain their original colour.

3. Where can I purchase the Posca marker full set?

Ans - The Posca marker full sets are available at our online art supply store. Please visit our website to purchase the Posca marker sets of your choice.

4. Are POSCA markers permanent?

Ans - Yes, the POSCA marker sets are completely permanent. It does not require any fixatives whenever used over porous materials like textiles, wood, plastics, cardboard, metals, pebbles, etc.

5. Can I recycle my POSCA?

Ans - No, the POSCA markers are not recyclable. Yet, recycled materials are used for manufacturing the POSCA markers, such as PC-7M, PC-5M, and PC-8K. Although, the exterior body of these markers can be further utilized for some innovative craft work.

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