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Stretched Canvas


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  • Stretched canvas is one of the types of canvas material that mainly got its name due to stretching via the wooden stretcher bars. In contrast, the artist can stretch the unstretched canvas artwork by approaching a professional framing studio. This stretching can be done on a blank surface as well. You can directly paint on its surface. The framing process of the stretched canvas is straightforward to apply. Framing your artwork can be easily accomplished without removing the canvas from the stretchers. The stretched canvas has edges where the frame sets that don't require any further glass protection. The stretched canvas board is readily available in retail stores, art galleries, and other marketplaces. These canvases are convenient, time-saving, and provide high-quality prints. We provide high-quality, stable, & durable stretched canvas frames to meet your artistic needs.
  • Wall Art: Stretched canvas frames are used to create vibrant & eye-catching wall art designs. You can do such wall art in your homes, offices, etc.
  • Fluid Art: Fluid art is generally an abstract and aesthetic art form that looks similar to a storm. This free-flow art form is also known as Dutch pouring, where the diluted acrylic paint is sprayed over surfaces such as mirrors, wood, ceramic tiles, stretched canvases, etc.
  • Heavier Color Applications: Stretched canvas for painting is also used for creating masterpieces through heavier colour applications such as camel acrylic, camel fabric colours, camel oil, etc.
  • Museums & Art Galleries: Stretched canvas board creates mesmerizing & thoughtful art forms that are often displayed in museums, art galleries, or exhibitions due to their incredible strength & durability.
  • Types of Stretched Canvas: Stretched canvases are generally of two kinds, i.e., linen and cotton. Linen-based stretched canvases are used for high-end artworks; therefore, they are pretty costly compared to other options. Linen-stretched canvas is the first preference for professional artists and other art enthusiasts. They have the strength and last longer as it is warping & stretching-resistant. Cotton stretched Canva, on the other hand, is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly option for most art professionals. You can purchase them according to your preferred size, texture, & style, from varied smooth options to roughly available options.
  • Brands of Stretched Canvas: We offer stretched canvas for painting from leading brands such as Camel and Roy at our online store. Camel brand canvases are famous because they are created from medium grain & acid-free fabric. They are best for various techniques like camel fabric colours, camel acrylic, and camel oil, & especially when heavy colour application is required. Roy stretched canvases are available in wooden frames, triangular shapes, oval shapes, and circular shapes. Most of their canvases are anti-fungus, acid-free & best for hanging. It works well for beginner artists as well as experienced drawing professionals. You can use them for fluid arts, abstract paintings, etc.


1. What is a stretched canvas?

Ans - Stretched canvas is a type of canvas that has undergone the stretching process with a wood frame or stretcher bars. These types of canvas are ready for the direct display of art forms.

2. Can we stretch the regular canvas for painting on our own?

Ans - It is possible to convert an ordinary canvas into a stretched canvas for painting. However, it is quite a lengthy process because you must purchase items like steel bars, regular wooden bars, raw or primed canvas, etc. So it is recommended to buy the stretched canvas or get the ordinary canvas stretched by a professional.

3. What is the total time taken to stretch a small canvas and a large canvas?

Ans - It takes around 10 minutes to stretch a small canvas board. In contrast, the long canvas board can take up to half an hour to stretch.

4. How do I frame a stretched canvas?

Ans - You can frame a stretched canvas by following the following steps:

Step-1: Understand the painting's dimensions & purchase the type of frame you desire.

Step-2: Drill the offset and frame clips or use bent pipe clamps to adjust & attach the frame to your canvas.

Step-3: Alternatively, you can frame the painting using an L or floating frame. It provides a suitable gap between the frame & canvas edge, such that it seems to be floating.

Step-4: If you adjust a piece of paper at the back side of the frame to stop dust from entering, make sure to cut a hole at Canva's back side so they can breathe & adjust to the ambient temperature.

5. For what tasks do artists purchase stretched canvas boards?

Ans - Stretched canvas for painting is often preferred by the artist who wants a more detailed & professional look. It is used by various art galleries & museums as it helps with ready-to-display art pieces. Due to this, they are also called gallery-wrapped prints.

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