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Watercolour Papers

Canson Montval Watercolour Paper (185-300 GSM)

Rs. 43.00 – Rs. 170.00
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Ideal Use: Watercolour Painting Thickness: 185/300 GSM, Paper Colour: White, Type of Paper: Cold Pressed, 100% Cellulose Number of sheets:300 GSM - A5 - 24 sheets300 GSM - A4 - 12...

Anupam Watercolour Paper Loose Sheets 200 and 300 GSM Cold Pressed

Rs. 54.00 – Rs. 198.00
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Ideal Use: Water colours, Metallic Water colours, Gouache painting and Poster Colours It is mainly used for all wet media techniques Suitable for Mandala art as well This paper reflects...

Canson Montval Mini Artbook 300Gsm

Rs. 150.00Rs. 128.00
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Suitable for Watercolours, Poster Colours, Gouache, Acrylic and other wet mediums, Cold-Pressed Fine Grain Sheets, Weight - 300GSM (140Lb) (best for wet mediums), Portable (Travel-Friendly Book), easily fits in a...

Anupam Watercolour Paper Wireo Book (200 GSM & 300 GSM) - Cold Pressed

Rs. 189.00 – Rs. 648.00
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Ideal Use: Watercolours, Metallic Watercolours, Gouache painting and Poster Colours It is mainly used for all wet media techniques Suitable for Mandala art as well This paper reflects light well...

Brustro Artists Watercolour Paper 25% Cotton 300gsm

Rs. 191.00 – Rs. 252.00
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• Ideal Use: Water Colour, Gouache, Acrylic, Ink and Mixed Media • Cold Pressed Surface For Mastering Went On Wet Techniques • Acid & Chlorine Free For Inalterability Over Time...

Brustro Artists Water Colour 25% Hot Pressed 300 GSM

Rs. 168.00 – Rs. 191.00
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• Acid free, 25 percent cotton • HP surface, ideal for water colours • Also suitable for acrylics, pen and ink, pastels etc., archival quality

Anupam Watercolour Paper Pad / Book (200 GSM & 300 GSM) - Cold Press

Rs. 180.00 – Rs. 684.00
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Ideal Use: Watercolours, Gouache painting and Poster Colours It is also used for all wet media techniques Suitable for Mandala art work This paper reflects light well, retaining the transparency...

Anupam 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper - Loose Sheets - 250 GSM - Cold Pressed

Rs. 330.00Rs. 297.00
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Best for Watercolour painting, Gouache Painting and Watercolour Inks  Also Suitable for Mixed Media and Dry Media art like Pastel, Charcoal, Sanguine and Graphite Paintings Surface of the paper undergoes a...

Anupam Student Water Colour Paper Loose Sheets 200 GSM

Rs. 135.00Rs. 121.50
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Ideal Use: Watercolours on paper, Metallic watercolours, Gouache colours and Poster Colours It is mainly used for all wet media techniques Suitable for Mandala art as well This paper is...

Arches Watercolour Paper Cold Pressed

Rs. 1,160.00 – Rs. 5,775.00
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100% cotton and natural gelatin sizing. Mould-made, Professional archival quality Excellent strength and durability. Internally and surface-sized, Contains an anti-microbial agent to help resist mildew Acid-free and buffered, Ideal for...

Brustro Artists Water Colour 25% Cotton 200 GSM

Rs. 225.00Rs. 191.00
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Brustro Artists Water Colour 25% Cotton 200 GSM: Acid-free, 25 percent cotton, CP surface, ideal for watercolors, Also suitable for acrylics, pen, and ink, pastels, etc., archival quality, Excellent price/quality...

Anupam Skin Toned Watercolour Paper Loose Sheets 225gsm

Rs. 230.00Rs. 207.00
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Ideal for watercolour painting, gouache colours, watercolour Inks, sketching with charcoal pencils, graphite pencils and mandala art  High-quality drawing paper achieves great results in painting and sketching portraits Type of Binding: Loose Sheets...

Watercolour Paper is a specialized paper designed to be used with watercolour paints. It is made from high-quality materials that can withstand watercolour on paper without disintegrating or bleeding. The surface of this paper is also designed to absorb the paint and water, allowing the artist to achieve a variety of effects and techniques.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality watercolour paper options, including various sizes, textures, and brands, making it a great choice for artists of all levels. With competitive prices and excellent customer service, We are dedicated to providing you artists with the best materials for their artistic needs.

Uses of Watercolour Paper:

  • Watercolour Paper is commonly used by artists and enthusiasts to create beautiful and intricate watercolours on paper. It is also used in calligraphy, sketching, and other mixed-media projects that require a sturdy and absorbent surface.
  • Watercolour Painting: Watercolour paper is commonly used by artists to create beautiful and intricate watercolour paintings. The paper's absorbent surface allows the paint to spread evenly and blend smoothly, creating stunning visual effects.
  • Calligraphy: The paper can also be used for calligraphy. Its texture and absorbency provide a sturdy surface for ink, allowing for crisp and clear lettering.
  • Sketching: Watercolour papers are also popular among sketch artists who enjoy the texture and absorbency of the paper, allowing for a unique look and feel to their sketches.
  • Mixed Media Projects: With versatility, this type of paper can be used in a variety of mixed media projects that require a sturdy and absorbent surface.
  • Printmaking: Watercolour paper can be used in printmaking techniques such as mono-printing, where the paper's absorbency can capture the ink or watercolour on paper for a unique effect.
  • Greeting cards: It is a popular choice for creating handmade greeting cards. The paper's texture and absorbency add a unique touch to the cards, and the paper can be easily cut and folded to create a variety of designs.
  • Art Journaling: Many artists use this paper in their art journals due to the paper's absorbency and ability to handle wet media. The paper is also sturdy enough to hold up to collage and other mixed media techniques.
  •  Home Decor: Watercolour paper can be used to create beautiful home decor pieces such as framed paintings or wall hangings. The paper's absorbency and texture create a unique and visually appealing look for any room in the home.

Types and Brands of Watercolour Paper:

  • We offer a range of watercolour papers from various trusted brands, including Arches, Fabriano, and Canson. Each brand offers different types, ranging from cold-pressed to hot-pressed, with varying levels of absorbency and texture. Some popular options include the Arches Watercolor Paper Pad, the Canson XL Watercolor Pad, and the Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Pad. With various sizes and styles available, artists and enthusiasts can choose the perfect option for their next project.
  • Cold-Pressed Paper: This type of watercolour paper have a slightly textured surface, suitable for a variety of watercolour techniques. The range of cold compressed paper includes Arches, Fabriano, and Winsor & Newton.
  • HotPOpressed Paper: Hot-pressed paper has a smooth surface, ideal for detailed work and fine lines. Explore the options for hot-pressed paper by Fabriano and Winsor & Newton at Canvazo.
  • Rough Paper: Rough watercolour paper has a heavily textured surface that creates a unique and expressive look. Explore our wide range of Arches and Winsor & Newton.
  • Watercolour Paper Pads: Watercolor paper pads are a convenient option for artists who want a portable and pre-cut option for their watercolour painting. We offer watercolour paper pads in various sizes and textures, including cold-pressed, hot-pressed, and rough.


1. What is the difference between cold-pressed and hot-pressed watercolour paper?

Ans - Cold-pressed watercolour paper has a slightly textured surface that is suitable for various techniques and creates a more organic look, while hot-pressed watercolour paper has a smoother surface that is ideal for detailed work and produces a more controlled look.

2. Can I use watercolour paper for other mediums?

Ans - While watercolour paper is specifically designed for watercolour painting, it can also be used for other mediums such as gouache, ink, and acrylic painting.

3. What types of watercolour paper textures are available on Canvazo's watercolour paper category page?

Ans - We offer a variety of watercolour paper textures, including cold-pressed, hot-pressed, and rough. Cold-pressed has a slightly textured surface, while hot-pressed watercolour paper is smoother. Rough watercolour paper has the most texture and is ideal for creating a more organic and painterly look. Each texture offers a unique surface for watercolour painting and is suitable for different techniques and styles.

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