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Pebeo Setasilk Colours for Silk Clothes 45ml Loose

Rs. 405.00 – Rs. 415.00
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Pebeo Setasilk Colours 45ml Loose Ideal use: Silk Painting Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and works on all types of silk. These are water-based, vivid, and intense for...

Pebeo Setasilk Water Based Gutta Outliner 20ml (Loose)

Rs. 298.00 – Rs. 350.00
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Pebeo Setasilk Water Based Gutta Outliner 20ml (Loose) Pebeo Setasilk Water Based Gutta 20 ML Tube is a paste that penetrates the fabric and creates a color barrier. The Setasilk...

Pebeo Setasilk Colours Set Collection and Initiation Set

Rs. 1,650.00 – Rs. 5,175.00
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Pebeo Seta silk Colours Set Collection and Initiation Set of 6 and 10 shades Setasilk is used as traditional colour and works on all type of silk. These are water-based,...


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Marabu Contours & Effects - Size - 25 ML Liner is a water-based resist/ outliner for creating fine lines and details. Also acts as a Colourless Gutta  Suitable for painting...

Marabu Silk Paint 50ml (Loose Colours)

Rs. 380.00 – Rs. 475.00
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Marabu Silk offers vivid, brilliant, intensive colours with good flow properties. These paints are water-based, soft to touch with exceptionally good lightfastness and easy to fix. Marabu silk colours are...

Pebeo Setasilk Painting Set Assorted Colours Set of 10 X 45ML

Rs. 4,240.00
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The setasilk boxed set includes 10 assorted 45ml bottles: ebony, primary yellow, cyan, beaver brown, moss green, coral, hermes red, raspberry, gitane blue, oriental green The setasilk colors can be...

Jacquard Silk Colours Kit of 4 Colours With Permanent Dyeset Concentrate + Gutta Resist Clear

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Jacquard Silk Colours are a fun and easy way to create beautiful, professional-looking hand-painted silk clothing and art. These are liquid dyes used primarily for direct application silk painting. Because...

  • Introduction: Silk painting colours are the paint colours used to apply dyes or paints to the silk fabric. Various watercolours techniques are there to achieve the desired results. These colours are incredibly vibrant, radiant, and translucent, which effortlessly combine with the material for a comfortable & silky soft touch. Silk painting initially began from the ancient imperial courts, leading to a big craze globally. With the centuries passing by, these silk paintings have gained immense popularity because of the remarkable artwork created by the silk paint colours on the silk surface. They are now a massive part of modern art forms practiced on a large scale across industries. The texture of silk has various elements, showcasing huge benefits such as quick spreading of colours, smooth blending of colours, fast colour absorption & easy dyes. As a result, it produces different layers, effects of dynamic colour viscosity. The silk painting colours maintain the natural luster, shine & softness of the silk.
  • Garments: Silk Painting Colours add a new outlook to silk garments such as sarees and other dresses made of silk. Such silk painting colours bring a beautiful design to the numerous types of silk available in the market nowadays, such as crêpe de Chine, twill, damask silk, pongé, crêpe georgette, etc.
  • Accessories: Silk painting colours in India are widely used to paint various accessories such as Stoles, Caps, Scarves, Hats, Scrunchies, Wraps, etc. You can design & craft them according to your wish.
  • Home Furnishings: Silk paint colours add life & value to various home furniture items such as table runners, napkins, hand towels, span bedcovers, placemats, cushions, etc.
  • Decorative Art Works: Silk Painting Colours are also used for making decorative artworks on various materials such as ceramics, glassware, basketry, earthenware, etc.
  • Types of Silk Painting Colours: There are generally four significant types of silk paint colours. These are Liquid Fixative, Steam Based, Thin Paints, and Instant Set Silk Dyes. The Steam Based silk colours mainly have a decent quantity of alcohol. The Liquid Fixative silk colours are not bright and do not wash fast compared to other varieties of Silk Painting Colours. The best part is they don't leave any feeling in the silk after colouring it, making it comfortable to wear. It is prepared by brushing, spraying the diluted fixative in the silk, or mixing the diluted fixative & painted silk. These colours, when applied professionally, stick well to the silk leading to the brightest outcomes. After colouring, it doesn't give any discomfort or excessive feel of heaviness when you wear the silk. The Thin Silk Painting Colours in India are water-based colours & get fixed to the silk with the help of a hot iron. These colours are vibrant, & you might feel some layer of it on the silk, although it doesn't create any complications or unease once you wear it. Instant Set Silk Dye is easy to use and can be applied by diluting them directly. They have fast drying properties & that's one of the reasons they are most preferred among the people.
  • Brands of Silk Painting Colours: The Silk Painting Colours in India are offered by top-notch brands from our online store. Some of the famous brands are Pebeo Setasilk, Marabu, and Jacquard. We at Canvazo provide high-quality Silk Painting Colours that are durable & give perfect finishing. These colours are extremely simple to apply to clothes. The hand-painted silk clothes using our colours provide a professional & rich touch to the clothes. Jacquard Silk Colours are well known for maintaining the silk's natural luster without changing the overall shape or texture of the fabric. Pebeo Setasilk colours are popular because they quickly air dry, & work well for all types of silk. Also, seta silk thinner can be used to thin these colours. Marabu colours are specially made for thin cotton fabrics and all sorts of silk. These colours are soft to the touch and provide a good flow while painting. These water-based colours are more intensive that require ironing to fix them.


1. What are the top brands of Silk Painting Colours in India?

Ans - The top-notch brands of Silk Painting Colours in India are Pebeo Setasilk, Marabu, and Jacquard.

2. Does silk absorb the silk paint colours quickly?

Ans - Yes, the silk instantly absorbs the silk paint colours due to the presence of various highly reactive components in it.

3. What are the uses of Silk Painting Colours?

Ans - Silk paint colours are used for decorating numerous things, such as accessories, home furnishings, garments, etc.

4. Where can we use the Silk Painting Colours?

Ans - The silk paint colours can be used on synthetic fabrics & non-porous surfaces.

5. Do the Silk Painting Colours in India have toxic properties?

Ans - No, the silk colours are water-based colours & non-toxic in nature.

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