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Staedtler Pencils

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils (Loose) | Shading and Sketching pencils

Rs. 72.25 – Rs. 1,260.00
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Premium-quality staedtler colour pencil for writing Drawing and sketching on paper and matt drawing film Easy to erase and sharpen The wide range of degrees makes Lumograph the ideal tool...

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black Pencils

Rs. 72.25 – Rs. 1,176.00
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Premium-quality artists pencil Special lead formulation containing a high proportion of carbon for matt, jet black results Particularly suitable for drawing and hatching as well as for expressive sketches and...

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Charcoal Pencils

Rs. 95.00Rs. 89.25
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• Quantity - 1 pc • Perfect for sketching, layouts and adding details to finish.

Staedtler Luna Colour Pencil

Rs. 43.00 – Rs. 48.00
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• Quantity - 1 pc • Normal colour pencil or with water and brush to create watercolour effect • Rich and brilliant colour, fade resistent, excellent coverage • Smooth and...

Staedtler Graphite 777 Pencil

Rs. 92.00 – Rs. 114.00
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For writing and drawing  Rubberised barrel in frosted transparent design  PVC and latex free eraser • Break-preventing Lead Guide  Grade B Leads Colour subject to availability 

Staedtler Norica 2HB Pencils

Rs. 17.00Rs. 15.00
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• Quantity - 1 pc • Good quality pencil with eraser • Easy to erase • Lead diameter 2mm • HB lead

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil Box

Rs. 755.25 – Rs. 2,367.00
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• Premium-quality pencils for Writing, Drawing, and Sketching on paper and matt drafting film • The wide range of degrees makes Lumograph the ideal tool for artists and graphic designers...

Staedtler Mars Rasor Brush Eraser Pencil

Rs. 140.00Rs. 126.00
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• Quantity - 1 pc • This Mars Rasor Pencil for ink and pencil from Staedtler is specially designed for ballpoint pen, writing, and drawing inks • It comes with...

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black Pencil Set (100B-G6)

Rs. 795.00Rs. 716.00
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Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black Pencil Set High-quality drawing pencil Special lead formulation containing a high proportion of carbon for matt, jet black results High break-resistance through special lead formulation and...

Staedtler Luna Aquarell Classic Watercolour Pencils

Rs. 418.00 – Rs. 1,844.00
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Ideal Use: Can be used as a normal color pencil, or with water and brush to create a watercolor effect Rich and brilliant colors, fade-resistant, excellent coverage Smooth and soft...

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Aquarell Pencils

Rs. 72.00 – Rs. 89.25
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• Quantity - 1 pc • Ideal Use: Sketches for watercolour drawings as well as for classical watercolour painting and sketching • Premium quality watercolour artist pencil • Mars Lumograph...

Staedtler Blender Pencil

Rs. 225.00Rs. 198.00
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Staedtler Blender Pencil Non-pigmented, wax based pencils Perfect for blending and softening the edges of colored pencil artwork Hexagonal shape Lumber from certified, sustainably managed forests The Staedtler Blender Pencil...

Staedtler Pencils

  • Staedtler pencils are artist-grade coloured pencils made completely from wood and graphite. It is of professional quality & provides top-notch results. You can purchase them in varied ranges of 10 shading degrees. The Staedtler pencils are highly durable and have great strength and bond. Due to this reason, it doesn't break easily while shading. You will also find that the pencil has variably coloured ends. These ends represent the grade of hardness that the pencil can survive, like 2B, 2H, etc. You can easily sharpen the pencil whenever needed and erase the writing without destroying the base. The jet-black results provided by these pencils are due to the high amount of carbon that is being used in the lead. You can use their coloured Staedtler pencils for drawing by dipping them in water, as that would create a watercolour effect on the sheet or canvas. These pencils are fade resistant, soft, and have a rich, vibrant colour texture.
  • Sketches & Portraits: Staedtler pencils are best used for sketching and portraits. Artists prefer this brand of pencil because it has a break-resistant lead, allowing a smooth flow of sketching without any interruption. Moreover, it is made from cedar wood and has a water-based lacquer for its overall protection.
  • Matt Drafting Film: The Staedtler pencil sets are best used in the Matt Drafting Film. Drafting film is generally a polyester-based film. It has a matte and semi-transparent one or two-sided drawing texture.
  • Drawing & Hatching: Hatching is a process of shading with closely drawn lines. This process is used in fine arts and technical related drawings. The Staedtler pencils for drawing work like wonders to accomplish the best drawing results.
  • Writing: Staedtler pencils are also used for creating professional writing. It provides very bold & premium writing style outcomes.
  • Types of Staedtler pencils: The Staedtler pencil set is generally of three major types: soft pencils, hard pencils, and very hard pencils. The hardness grade of very soft pencils for drawing lies between 12B and 3B. Another set of Staedtler pencils is available in the classic hardness grades that are used for sketching and writing purposes. Their hardness grade varies from B, 2B, H, HB, 2H, etc. The third type of Staedtler pencil is a very hard pencil that is meant for cartography and technical drawing. The hardness grades of such pencils range from 3H to 10H. Based on your artistic professional's requirements, you can choose the best pencil type from our online store.
  • Brands of Staedtler pencils: The Staedtler pencil brand got its name from its manufacturer, - 'Friedrich Staedtler.' He is the 1st ever creator of the German pencil, who made the wood-cased pencils in the last second half interval of the 17th century. He is well recognized for making the sheathing and the lead. The Staedtler brand believes in creating sustainable products that have top-notch efficiency and a long shelf life. All of their products have environmentally friendly packaging. They come up with creative ideas like supplying upcycled wood-created pencils and following dry-safe technology. We, at Canvazo, only deal in genuine products that are double-quality checked for their authenticity. You can now purchase the Staedtler pencil sets from our online art supply store at the best possible prices.


1. What are Staedtler pencil sets used for?

Ans - The Staedtler pencil sets are primarily used for drawing, sketching, shading, writing, & graphic applications.

2. What are the features of a Staedtler pencil?

Ans - The Staedtler pencils have various useful features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Slip Resistant
  • Metallic Luster
  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Lead Break Resistant
  • Smooth and soft surfaces

3. Where can I purchase Staedtler pencils in India?

Ans - The Staedtler pencils can be purchased from any art accessory outlet or online from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The premium quality Staedtler pencils are available at our online art supplies store.

4. Does it take time to erase the Staedtler pencils?

Ans - The Staedtler pencils don't leave an aggressive impact on the base medium where you are using them. The pencils from this brand are effortlessly easy to erase without tearing the page or ruining the texture on the canvas.

5. Is there any difference between the B and HB types of Staedtler pencils?

Ans - Yes, B & HB are the grades of hardness of pencils and have distinctive functionalities to perform on various bases. B stands for black and is a soft pencil lead type. This type of pencil has a huge quantity of graphite to bring forth intense and matte black colour outputs while shading, drawing, or sketching. HB stands for "hard black" and is a medium soft pencil lead type. This type of pencil is best used by students, professionals, and writers to have a smooth flow of writing without breaking the lead in between.

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