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Colour Pencils

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colour Pencil PART 1(Loose)

Rs. 132.00 – Rs. 145.00
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The high-quality standards of the Polychromos colored pencils shine through whether they are used for graphics artistic free style or for the exact rendition of plans Special features: high-quality pigments...

Brustro Artists Coloured Pencils Set

Rs. 762.00 – Rs. 1,869.00
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Brustro Artists Coloured Pencils Set Brustro Colour Pencil gives strong coverage and mixing capacity allow for different applications like drawing, illustration, colouring, blending and layering. Every shade has been formulated...

Canvazo Pencil Extender Double Head

Rs. 50.00Rs. 40.00
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The Pencil Lengthener can be used for both round and hexagonal pencils. Sliding ring on nickel-plated ferrule holds pencil securely When your pencil becomes too short to hold, just insert...

Canvazo Pencil Extender

Rs. 50.00Rs. 40.00
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Easy to use, solid, and reliable High-quality wood material Removable rotating, convenient, and more durable metal material Pen with anti-skid design, nice hand touch, more convenient to hold a pen...

Brustro Skin Tone Coloured Pencils Set of 24

Rs. 897.00Rs. 762.00
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Brustro Artists’ Coloured Pencils Skin Tones set Brustro Skin Tone is an assortment of 24 shades specifically curated to create realistic human portraits with superior blending and rich colour laydown....

Brustro Artists Watercolour Pencil Sets

Rs. 762.00 – Rs. 1,869.00
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Brustro Artists Watercolour Pencil Sets • Ideal Use: Creating bright, expressive drawings with a translucent ink-like effect, blending and layering, bold strokes and delicate watercolour washes • 4mm soft, water...

Staedtler Luna Colour Pencil

Rs. 43.00 – Rs. 48.00
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• Quantity - 1 pc • Normal colour pencil or with water and brush to create watercolour effect • Rich and brilliant colour, fade resistent, excellent coverage • Smooth and...

Brustro Coloured Pencils Black and White Set of 6

Rs. 198.00Rs. 168.00
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Brustro Coloured Pencils Black and White Strong coverage and mixing capacity allow for different applications like drawing, illustrations, colouring, and layering Softness enables subtle blending and gradation. Brustro colour pencils...

Canvazo White Charcoal Pencil

Rs. 170.00Rs. 153.00
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• Ideal for use on dark or tinted paper • Used for Sketching, Shading and Drawing detailed work • Can be used with other drawing media, professional-quality white pencils is...

Doms Colour Pencil Sets

Rs. 35.00 – Rs. 104.00
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Colour Pencils for Art and Drawing Different Colors Available Softened wood for smooth sharpening Brightest color Accurate bonding process

Faber-Castell Colour Pencil Sets

Rs. 85.00 – Rs. 408.00
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• Ideal Use : Colouring Pencils • Soft lead-no pressure required for coloring • Rich, smooth and easy spread provides good coverage

Doms Supersoft Colour Pencil Sets - Flat Tin (3.8mm)

Rs. 109.00 – Rs. 220.00
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  • Coloured pencils are pigmented, narrow, and wooden-based tools for colour sketching artworks. These appear to be elongated cylindrical-shaped pencils having an oil or wax base. Based on the brand, these coloured pencils vary in their usability, quality, durability, and price. These pencils are also popular with other names like map pencils, colour lead, or pencil crayons. Coloured pencils are affordable, simple to use, clean, & pigmented in comparison to other art media. These pencils can either be used all by themselves or by combining them with other art mediums. We are the leading suppliers of Colour Pencils For Drawing. Purchase top-notch quality coloured pencils from varied recognized brands at our online art supply store.
  • Photorealistic Art Style: Photorealistic art styles are the number of things created using multiple shades of coloured pencils. In this art style, the painters developed extremely illusionistic images using coloured pencils belonging to the reproduced image & not nature.
  • Abstract ArtForms: Colour Pencils enable you to showcase your creative & imaginative artistic skills by creating abstract art forms.
  • Sketching & Drawing: The Colour Pencils For Drawing helps students, adults as well as professionals to draw, sketch, and smoothly colour with vibrant shades of colour individually or by blending them.
  • Detailed Art Illustrations: The Colour Pencils For Drawing are best to create artistic details, & focused expression or highlights.
  • Types of Colour Pencils: Various types of coloured pencils are available today that are either used by students referred to as scholastic-grade coloured pencils or by the artist referred to as professionals grade coloured pencils. Oil-based coloured pencils are generally those types of pencils that use the oil-based binder to create beautiful and mesmerizing artistic effects. Watercolour pencils are also known as water-soluble pencils. These pencils are used in the dry form or can be dipped in water and used in the watercolour form. Pastel coloured pencils are used in dry form, wet form, or by blending with other art mediums. They are similar to hard pastels. All of these types of colour pencils can be sharpened easily without any problem or chaos and can be smoothly applied over various textures like canvas, drawing sheet, acrylic sheet, etc to create creative artwork.
  • Brands of Colour Pencils: Canvazo offers colour pencils for drawing from varied top-notch brands. According to your preferences, you can choose brands such as Brustro, Staedtler, Faber, Doms, Kohinoor Hardtmuth, Maped, Crayola, etc. All these brands offer high-quality lead that doesn't break easily. These pencils are easy to use, giving you detailed artwork. Most of these Colour Pencils offer pre-sharpened pencils that create mesmerizing artistic effects of varied shades by blending perfectly. Such brands offer coloured pencils that are easy to cut, sharpen, and erase as well as use on multiple surfaces. If you are looking for coloured pencils that have properties like firmness, durability, strength, and softness, then look for none other than these brands at our online store.


1. How do I use watercolour pencils?

Ans - Activate the surface with water, layer, and mix colours. Perform a little experiment by using the pigment of colour straightaway from the pencil tip.

2. How to blend colour pencils?

Ans - We can blend the coloured pencils by using the layering approach or by brushing the colours that need to be mixed using a solvent like odourless mineral spirits. Apply the light pressure while using the light colours in the beginning. After you have built the pressure, you will see that the pigments will commence crushing, leading to their mixing into a paper tooth. As a result, you will get smooth layer gradients and mixtures. Use a fixative to avoid the current colours mixing into your previous layers of colours.

3. How to use colour pencils?

Ans - Start by drawing lines to structure the shape and use a cross-hatching process where you draw multiple lines in a random direction. Use the pencil pressure technique for darker & lighter shades. Continue with the colouring, layering, and blending process.

4. How to draw with colour pencils?

Ans - You need to start the process with an outline, layering & detailing at the end. Go from light to dark tones of colour, using the light touch & light layers of colours. Gradually, apply the pressure of the colour pencil to the surface, & increase it with the addition of layers. To get the fine & refined smoothly furnished final layer, you need to put heavy pressure on the paper only in the final layer which in turn will blend, mix & smoother all the colours into one layer.

5. How to colour with colour pencils?

Ans - You can colour with the colour pencils by innovatively combining & blending the right colours. The artist needs to have a detailed knowledge of colour pigments, colour theory, and how they integrate & interact with one another. Moreover, understand the tonal transitions & colour jargon like tones, shades, hues, etc before finalizing the colour pencil shade or layering it.

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