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Watercolour Mediums


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Watercolour Mediums

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Watercolor mediums are specialized products designed to enhance and modify the properties of watercolor paints. These mediums offer artists a range of possibilities to experiment with texture, transparency, and effects in their watercolor artworks.

Watercolor mediums come in various forms, including masking fluid, granulation medium, texture medium, and more. Masking fluid is used to create areas of white or preserve specific details by temporarily blocking the paint's adherence. Granulation medium enhances the granular effect of certain pigments, adding texture and depth to the painting. Texture medium allows artists to create raised or textured surfaces, adding dimension to the artwork.

Other watercolor mediums include flow improvers, which enhance the paint's flow and wetting properties, and fixatives, which provide a protective layer once the artwork is complete.

By incorporating watercolor mediums into their artistic practice, artists can explore new techniques, experiment with different effects, and push the boundaries of traditional watercolor painting. These mediums offer versatility and creative freedom, allowing artists to create unique and captivating watercolor artworks.

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