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  • What is fixative spray? The fixative spray is the dissolvent solution of resin. Its purpose is to save your drawing or other artwork from harmful substances. After applying the fixative spray, it dries out within a few minutes, and as soon as it dries out, it will save your drawing from getting smudged or ripped off or rubbed out, or wiped off. The fixative spray should be used in a ventilated room or outdoor area. These fixative sprays are waterproof, permanent, and non-toxic.

Smudge Protection:

  • The fixative sprays have a powerful alternative to safeguard the drawings made on stretched canvas, wood, metals, etc. All the drawings will be safe from the smudging that is made with pastel, charcoal, dust-based materials, chalk, etc.


  • The fixative spray for drawing has a UV filter. It helps to bring out the lightfastness of the vibrant colours whenever used on a Stretched Canvas or any other medium. "These colours will remain the same, like fresh," in years to come.

Porcelain, Glass, and Walls:

  • You can use the fixative spray for art over the glass, walls, and porcelain to ensure that it remains protected from harmful outer substances that cause damage to such areas. You can also use them for indoor protection with proper ventilation.

Fabric Painting:

  • Once you understand how to use fixative spray, you can easily apply it over your fabric, especially for printing T-shirts. So once you paint your t-shirt, let it dry completely, and then use the fixative spray over it. This spray will ensure that the painting done on the t-shirt remains intact for a long time without getting ripped off from its place after washing or when exposed to humidity or sunlight.

Types of Fixative Spray for Art:

  • There are generally two types of fixative sprays available on the market. The first one is a workable fixative spray, and the second one is a regular fixative spray. If you wish to have smudge protection in the middle of your work, you should go for a workable fixative spray. It allows you to add multiple layers of fixative after completing partial drawings. If you need necessary adjustments, such as blurring, erasing, or sketching, you can perform them without any hindrance. In the case of a regular fixative spray, they cannot be altered once applied to the medium. They hold your entire surface in one place, & are often used after the completion of the painting. It safeguards your final drawing and doesn't require any use of glass.

Brands of the fixative spray:

  • At Canvazo, we offer the Camel Arfina Fixative Spray, Kohinoor Fixative Spray, Pebeo Fixative Spray, Brustro Fixative Spray, Winsor, and Newton Artists Fixative Spray.

Camel Arfina Fixative Spray:

  • Arfina only deals in providing top-quality products. This brand's portfolio has a wide range of products that are non-toxic and safe to use. Camel Arfina Fixative Spray is well known to conserve your entire dry drawing from the fear of getting faded with time. You can apply this product over several surfaces, such as charcoal, crayons, soft pastels, dry pastels, pencils, oil pastels, art chalk, etc.

Kohinoor Fixative Spray:

  • Kohinoor offers high-quality fixative sprays to protect dry pastel artwork from discoloration & fading due to UV rays. Moreover, it safeguards your art from smearing and smudging, giving it a glossy finish. The Metal aerosol can is available in a 300 ml quantity.

Pebeo Fixative Spray:

  • Pebeo brand offers fixatives for charcoal, pastel, and pencil-based artworks to fix dry media on paper. The Pebeo spray is generally an acrylic-based, non-yellowing varnish that ensures the stability of the final work. It is available in quantities of 200ML & 400ML aerosol spray.

Winsor and Newton Artists Fixative Spray:

  • Winsor and Newton brand offers top quality fixative spray for art that is ideal to use on pencil, charcoal, chalk, and pastel drawings. It is colourless and provides protection from dust particles or smudging. Such a highly flammable aerosol pressurized container is subject to burst when heated. It is available in the quantity of 150ML & 400ML.

Brustro Fixative Spray:

  • Brustro is another leading brand offering the best fixative spray for drawing. This fixative spray is transparent, non-removable, and non-yellowing. The product best suits charcoal, chalk, pastels, pencils, and graphite drawings. It is available in quantities of 200ML & 400ML.


1. How to use fixative spray?

Ans - The fixative spray is permanent and can be used by simply opening up the nozzle cap & spraying it all over the surface in either the horizontal position or the vertical position. You can spray it according to your intended spray pattern.

2. Is fixative spray waterproof?

Ans - Yes, the fixative spray for drawing
is waterproof and eliminates all the moisture & dust on your drawing surfaces.

3. Is fixative spray harmful?

Ans - Fixative sprays are generally considered to be non-toxic. Henceforth, they are not harmful while using them, although you need to be careful not to swallow them in high concentration while spraying them on your painting. Else it might lead to various repercussions such as dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, and skin dryness. In severe conditions, your respiratory system might suffer and get damaged.

4. Can we use fixative spray for acrylic paint?

Ans - Yes, you can use the fixative spray for acrylic paint. In addition to this, it is considered ideal for multiple projects that apply charcoal, graphite, pastel, and pencil. You can easily use them on drawing papers where you have created the artwork with the help of alcohol markers, watercolour, and acrylic paint.

5. How long does fixative spray on artwork take to dry completely?

Ans - After completing the entire process of applying the fixative spray, it might take 2 to 5 minutes to dry completely.

6. Can we paint on a fixative sprayed surface?

Ans - Yes, we can repaint the surface where you have applied the fixative spray. You need to ensure the spray effects are 100% dry before you start drawing, painting, or touching the surface. Also, make sure to apply the fixative spray in the appropriate amount. Else it will restrict you from getting desired coloured effects. In the worst-case scenario, pastels might get dissolved in the fixative.

Arfina Artists Fixative Spray

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Arfina Artists Fixative Spray Arfina
Arfina Artists Fixative Spray
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