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Pidilite Fevicryl FineArt Round Brushes

  • Ideal for Designing Posters, Sign Making, Art & Craft Projects. Soak In Warm Water To Soften Bristles. After Use, Wash In Cold Water and Let Them Dry
  • Art Brushes are Great to Work with Oil and Acrylic Paints. Paints with Precise Details with Each Stroke Covering Large Areas
  • The art pavilion uses the best quality synthetic hair in various diameters and sizes
  • They are less prone to damage from solvents, insects, or paints and are more resistant to wear and tear

Pidilite Fevicryl FineArt Round Brushes (Loose) are essential companions for artists seeking versatility and precision in their artwork. Crafted with premium-quality materials, these round brushes offer smooth and controlled application of paint on various surfaces, including canvas, paper, and wood. The fine and durable bristles provide excellent paint retention, allowing for seamless strokes and intricate detailing. Available in different sizes, these versatile brushes cater to artists' diverse needs, whether they're working on delicate lines or bold curves. The loose packaging offers convenience and flexibility, perfect for artists who prefer customizing their brush collection. Elevate your artistic endeavors with Fevicryl FineArt Round Brushes and experience the joy of fine artistry, whether you're sketching, outlining, or adding delicate touches to your masterpieces. Let your creativity flow freely with these reliable and precise round brushes by your side.

Pidilite Fevicryl FineArt Round Brushes (Loose)

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Pidilite Fine Art Round Brushes (Loose) Pidilite
Pidilite Fevicryl FineArt Round Brushes (Loose)
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