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Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose 

• Transparent Photo Colours are based on dyes
• They are highly transparent, easy-to-use and may be mixed with one another, in any proportion to create the required shades
• They are ideal for colouring black and white photographs, slides and touching up of colour photograph
• Quantity: 20 ml

The Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose is a premium-quality set of transparent colors specifically designed for photo retouching and fine art applications. With its exceptional clarity and translucency, this set allows artists to add subtle washes of color to enhance and modify photographs with precision.

The set includes 12 carefully selected transparent colors, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues, providing a versatile palette to achieve desired effects. Each color is finely ground to ensure smooth and even application, allowing for seamless blending and layering techniques.

These loose colors are conveniently packaged in individual jars, making them easy to use and control. The jars are designed to prevent drying out, ensuring the longevity of the paints and preventing wastage.

The Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose is ideal for professional photographers, digital artists, and traditional artists seeking to add creative touches to their photographs or create stunning mixed-media artworks. From toning black and white images to adding color accents or retouching old photographs, this set offers endless possibilities for artistic expression.

Unleash your creativity and bring a new dimension to your photographs with the Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose. It's a reliable and versatile set that guarantees exceptional results and elevates your artistic pursuits to new heights.

Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose 20ml

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Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose 20ml Camel
Camel Transparent Photo Colour Loose 20ml
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