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Camel Glass Liner Water Based

  •  Ideal Use: Glass Painting
  • used with both water & solvent-based glass colors

The Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color) is a fantastic choice for artists and crafters looking to add vibrant and dazzling accents to their glass art projects. This set features a range of water-based colors specifically formulated for use on glass surfaces.

Each bottle of Camel Glass Liner contains a rich, pigmented color that adheres smoothly to glass, creating crisp lines and intricate designs. The water-based formula ensures easy application, allowing for precise control and seamless flow of the color. Whether you're outlining shapes, adding fine details, or creating patterns, these glass liners deliver impeccable results.

The colors in this set are designed to be intermixable, giving you the freedom to experiment and create custom shades. Once dry, the Glass Liner colors become permanent and exhibit excellent adhesion to glass, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant artwork.

The Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color) set comes with a fine-tipped nozzle for precise application, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. The bottles are easy to squeeze, providing a comfortable grip for effortless use.

Ideal for glass painting, stained glass projects, and other glass crafts, the Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color) set offers versatility and professional-quality results. Unlock your creativity and bring your glass art to life with these vibrant and reliable glass liners.

Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color )

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Camel Glass Liner (Water Based - Loose Color ) Camel
Camel Glass Liner Water Based (Loose Color )
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