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Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick

  • Camel Compressed Charcoal is a new age affordable solution for the sketching needs of an artist
  • Suitable to be used on canvas as well as paper, Fashioned like a 90 mm long chalk with a 12 mm diameter, it comes with individual shrink-wrapping for convenience and protection
  • The Best result can be seen on Drawing Paper, Sketching Papers, textured paper, smooth tinted paper, or even on Canvas, The compressed charcoal is made out of synthetic charcoal.

The Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick set of 20 sticks is a versatile and essential tool for artists, sketchers, and charcoal enthusiasts. This set offers a range of high-quality compressed charcoal sticks, providing artists with a reliable medium for creating expressive and dramatic drawings.

Each stick in the set is made from compressed charcoal, offering rich, deep black tones and smooth application. The sticks have a firm yet blendable texture, allowing artists to achieve a wide range of effects, from bold lines to subtle shading. Whether you're sketching, blending, or creating bold contrasts, these charcoal sticks offer excellent control and versatility.

The Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick set includes 20 sticks of various thicknesses, providing artists with options for different drawing techniques and styles. The sticks are easy to hold and manipulate, allowing for precise and expressive mark-making.

Ideal for use on a variety of drawing surfaces such as paper, canvas, and board, these charcoal sticks are suitable for both quick sketches and detailed drawings. They can be easily smudged and blended with fingers, blending stumps, or brushes, allowing for the creation of smooth gradients and atmospheric effects.

Whether you're a professional artist or a passionate hobbyist, the Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick set is a reliable choice for charcoal drawing. Explore the expressive qualities of charcoal and unleash your creativity with this comprehensive set of high-quality sticks.

Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick 20 Sticks

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Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick Loose Camel
Camel Charcoal Compressed Stick 20 Sticks
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