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Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium 

• Brustro Gloss Fluid Glazing Medium improves fluidity, depth and luminosity of acrylic colours
• Added to Brustro Heavybody paints, it helps to obtain gloss glazes
• It is water soluble and dries rapidly
• Once dried, it is transparent and water-resistant

Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium in a 100ml bottle is a versatile and essential medium for artists. This high-quality fluid medium is specially formulated to provide a glossy finish to acrylic paints. It enhances the flow and transparency of paints, allowing for smooth and luminous application. The gloss finish adds a brilliant sheen to artworks, enhancing color vibrancy and creating a professional appearance. With its easy-to-use consistency and quick drying time, this medium is ideal for creating glazes, glossy effects, and adding depth to paintings. Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium is a must-have for artists seeking to enhance their acrylic artworks with a glossy and vibrant finish.Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium in a 100ml bottle is a professional-grade medium that adds a lustrous, glossy finish to acrylic paintings. This high-quality fluid medium enhances the flow, transparency, and brilliance of colors, resulting in vibrant and luminous artworks. Its smooth consistency allows for easy application and blending, while the quick drying time ensures efficient workflow. The gloss finish adds depth, richness, and a professional touch to paintings, making them truly stand out.

Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium 100ml

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Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium 100ml Brustro
Brustro Gloss Fluid Medium 100ml
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