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Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White 

  • A permanent flexible ready to use primer for canvas, board, or even paper, It seals, protects, and gives a tooth to substrates to promote paint adhesion, Water-based and can be thinned down with water
  • Suitable for creating a surface for both acrylic and oil paints, Flexible and can be applied in thin layers to get a variety of textures without cracking
  • Can be mixed with acrylic colors to produce a range of colored grounds, For oil painting, seal the surface first with a sealant and apply three layers of gesso to avoid oil penetration, Maybe wet sanded and recoated to give a very flat finish
  • Can be brushed, rolled, trowelled or spray-applied

Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White in a 220ml jar is an essential primer for artists. This high-quality gesso provides a smooth and durable surface for various painting techniques. Its white color ensures vibrant and true-to-life colors on canvas or other surfaces. The 220ml size offers ample coverage for large-scale projects and multiple artworks. With its excellent adhesion and quick drying time, Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White prepares surfaces for acrylic, oil, or mixed media paintings. It creates a stable foundation, preventing paint absorption and promoting longevity. Trusted by artists, this gesso is a must-have for achieving professional and archival-quality results in your artistic endeavors.

Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White 220ml

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Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White 220ml Brustro
Brustro Artists Studio Gesso White 220ml
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