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Mijello Water Colours Gold Class - Mission Gold Class Set Mijello
Mijello Water Colours Gold Class - Mission Gold Class Set Mijello
10% OFF
Kohinoor Hardmuth Brilliant Watercolours 48 Set Kohinoor
Kohinoor Hardmuth Brilliant Watercolours Set Kohinoor
20% OFF
Kohinoor Hardtmuth Brilliant Watercolours Set
From Rs. 1,036.00Rs. 1,295.00
Brustro Metallic Watercolour Half Pan Set Of 12 Brustro
Brustro Metallic Watercolour Half Pan Set Of 12 Brustro
15% OFF
Brustro Professional Liquid Gum Arabic 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free) Brustro
15% OFF
Brustro Gum Arabic Liquid 100 ML
Rs. 339.00Rs. 399.00
DOMS Aqua Water Colour Pen 24 Shades Doms
DOMS Aqua Water Colour Pen 24 Shades Doms
10% OFF
DOMS Aqua Water Colour Pen Set
From Rs. 36.00Rs. 40.00


  • Watercolours are water-soluble and translucent paints created with the help of multiple pigments adjourned in a water solution. Ideally, watercolours are developed from three main elements that are pigments, water, and a binding agent. The different range of colours you see in the market is because of the pigments. Here the binding agent can be multiple things, such as egg whites, gum Arabic, dextrin, gelatin glue, etc.
  • Watercolour Medium is a product with similar properties to ox gall and gum Arabic. These watercolour mediums are gels or liquids that make watercolour paintings vibrant, textured, pearlescent, glossy, and transparent. The watercolour paint tubes can be applied to their application surface using the paintbrush and water. You can apply watercolours on various surfaces, such as stretched canvas, drawing sheets, acrylic sheets, metals, wood, etc. Metallic Watercolours have metallic pigments that create shimmering washes after mixing with water. It is available in the market at different consistency levels, ranges of colours, and multiple types. Feel free to buy the best watercolour paints from our online Canvazo art supply store at an affordable price.

Art & Craft:

  • Liquid watercolour paints have been used for various artworks such as drawings on stretched canvas, drawing books, walls, etc. As a result, it produces mesmerizing, beautiful, creative patterns and designs.

Mixed Media:

  • The best watercolour paints are also used to create mixed-media artwork.

Still life:

  • You can create a beautiful still life using the watercolour paints of your choice.

Landscapes or Portraits:

  • Various realistic portraits and landscapes are created using watercolour paints.

Types of watercolour paint sets:

  • There are generally three main types of watercolour paint sets, such as
    1. Watercolour Pan Sets,
    2. Watercolour Tubes,
    3. Liquid Watercolour paints.
  • Watercolour Pan Sets are watercolour paints that arrive in plastic or metal cases in solid form. It is expandable & customizable according to the individual artists' requirements. How to use watercolour paints is the most often asked question. You only have to wet the pan before using it. They are highly preferred among beginners and professional artists as it is less expensive & requires minimal preparation. It is portable, offers customizable palettes & can be refilled using watercolour tubes.
  • Watercolour Tubes generally are highly concentrated as they have more fillers & binders in comparison to watercolours. They are portable due to their packaging in tubes. Watercolour paints in tubes are easy to use with brushes & are refillable onto palettes. With small water quantities, they give you desired colours. Due to its messy nature, quick-drying, when not capped & high market value, it is least popular among beginners. Liquid Watercolour paints are best for beginners who have started learning watercolour techniques. They are highly pigmented, concentrated & don't require you to activate the colours using water. It is ideal for card marking & paper crafting. The price of Liquid Watercolour paints is quite on a higher note but is worth the investment.

Brands of Watercolour Paints Set:

  • At our online Canvazo store, we offer the best watercolour paints from leading brands such as Camel, Mijello, Brustro, Winsor and Newton Cotman, Doms, etc. There are various other top watercolours brands, such as Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours and Daniel Smith Watercolours, that you can purchase as a bundle or as loose watercolours from our online art supply store.

Camel Artists' Watercolours:

  • They are generally available in tubes with the finest quality ingredients and vibrant shades of colours. These colours are luminous, dry quickly, and provide a refined finish.

The Mijello Watercolours:

  • They have top-quality colour ranges. They are transparent and clear and are made for high-colour formation. It also solves the problem of being unable to paint due to the thorny brush. So ideally, it easily smoothens the brush after it dries or hardens so it can be used again for other artworks.

The Brustro Watercolours:

  • The brand offers high-quality, versatile, and affordable watercolour sets. They are opaque, easy to use, and provide the best finishing.

Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolours:

  • These are top-notch tinting strength and transparency. They are generally less expensive than other brands of colours.

Doms Watercolours:

  • Using the watercolour sets of the Doms brand provides numerous benefits. Some are transparency, smooth finishing, vibrant colour range, and organic-rich pigments.


1. Are Watercolours Tubes harmful to use?

Ans - No, watercolours tubes are considered the safest colour to use by students and art professionals. They are non-toxic and don't have any repercussions while using it for painting etc. Make sure not to swallow it as you might feel discomfort; otherwise, it's good to use.

2. Is it compulsory to use water with loose watercolours & watercolour pans?

Ans - Water is required to activate the watercolour pans. You can directly use loose watercolours on any application medium, such as stretched canvas, wood, drawing books, etc., without ill repercussions. However, if you need to create pale hues, more watery and flowy painting, we suggest you mix a small amount of water with watercolour to create such effects.

3. Is the watercolour that we use in our daily life waterproof in nature?

Ans - The watercolours initially are not waterproof. However, you must apply some fixatives and perform non-water-based vanishing to make your entire watercolour painting waterproof.

4. How do clean hands and watercolour brushes after dipping them into watercolours?

Ans - You can straightaway clean your watercolour brushes and hands by taking some soap and cleaning them with running water.

5. What is the best option between Watercolour Tubes and Watercolour Pans?

Ans - If you are looking to paint outdoors, then choose Watercolour Pans as it's simple to transport. If you wish to develop watercolour washes, then watercolour Tubes are the right option, as it offers control due to the Tube paint's concentrated vibrancy. Buy watercolour paints that best suit your requirements.

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