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Camel Premium Poster Colours

• 15ml Bottle • Ideal for a smooth matte finish and a completely opaque mass tone • Made from the finest pigments, they give high covering capacity with a brush • Easy to mix, flows easily, and dry quickly • Gives brighter artwork and superior visual impact • Must be carefully used as they are moderately permanent and lose their brilliance on intermixing

Camel Premium Poster Colours in 15ml tubes are a versatile and high-quality range of poster paints designed for artists, students, and hobbyists. These poster colours offer excellent coverage, vibrant pigments, and smooth application, making them ideal for various art projects.

Each 15ml tube contains rich and opaque poster paint that can be easily applied on paper, cardboard, and other suitable surfaces. The consistency of the paint allows for smooth brushstrokes, seamless blending, and precise detailing, ensuring your artwork stands out.

The Camel Premium Poster Colours exhibit impressive color saturation, providing bright and bold hues that capture attention. From primary colors to a wide range of shades, the color selection allows for endless creative possibilities.

These poster colours dry quickly, allowing you to work efficiently and build layers without smudging. Once dry, the colors retain their vibrancy and do not fade easily, ensuring the longevity of your artwork.

Whether you're creating posters, illustrations, crafts, or school projects, Camel Premium Poster Colours in 15ml tubes are a reliable choice. The compact size of the tubes makes them convenient for travel and easy to store in your art supplies collection.

Unleash your creativity with these versatile poster colours and bring your ideas to life with vibrant and eye-catching artwork.

Camel Premium Poster Colours-15ml (Loose - Colours)

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Camel Premium Poster Colours-15ml (Loose - Colours) Camel
Camel Premium Poster Colours-15ml (Loose - Colours)
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