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Canvazo Artist Profile Tanya Lalwani Canvazo

Canvazo Artist Profile Tanya Lalwani


Artist Profile Tanya Lalwani

Along with academics, I was also very good at drawing and painting in school but taking up Art as my profession never struck me. Mostly because nobody I knew or looked up to had taken up such a career path. And I was not a very good risk-taker. During my BMM days, when I would get tired of all the assignments (and there were thousands of them!), I would draw. Even in college, there were a lot of artists in my batch and I was really intimidated by them because all of them could draw humans and I was terrible at it. I still am!

I was in my second year when I discovered these intricate patterns online. I didn’t know what they were called, but I was instantly attracted to how beautiful and satisfying they looked. I then began researching about those patterns. I later found out that the patterns I was making were called Zentangles and upon more and more of Googling and trying to draw them, I came upon mandalas.

Because I am a super anxious girl with a tad-bit of OCD, I enjoy the idea of putting different patterns in circles and making it look neat and satisfying. Mandalas really help calm an anxious mind and have a very deep meaning in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Through Instagram, I discovered hundreds of people all over the world who were already making huge mandalas on papers, canvases and even walls! Sadly, in India, not a lot of people are aware about it. (the irony!)

I slowly started imagining myself making huge mandala murals too, but I didn’t know if I had it in me and I was working as a graphic designer by then. My mandalas initially were very basic and I would mostly copy it off Internet. And then as time passed, I automatically started making very intricate ones. My family were both shocked and impressed at the kind of patience I had to draw such designs!

I gave my fair share of time to jobs but soon realized that it wasn’t meant for me. I quit my job and decided to take up mandalas as my full-time profession because it was one thing I was confident about. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for something like this but I am lucky to have been surrounded by people who really believed that I could do it.

I am now a professional mandala artist who owns a small business called Tanya’s Think Tank and sell my mandalas as handmade drawings (on postcards, MDF wood, paper, etc.) and printed drawings (on mugs, bottles, phone covers, badges, etc.) on Instagram. The link to my Instagram handle is:

For all those who would like to try a hand at making Mandala Art, all you require is a paper, some drawing pens, a compass with pencil and a positive outlook towards the art. Expect your first Mandala drawing to be imperfect. Every artist has their own way for making these drawings so do not worry about how technical or non-technical your approach is. As long as you are having fun and feeling relaxed while you are at it, you are doing a good job! All the best!

- Tanya Lalwani

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