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What Is The Meaning Of Mandala Art? - Canvazo

What Is Mandala? Mandala Art for Beginners


The word mandalas is derived from the ancient Indian language “Sanskrit”. Mandala means a geometrical shape that is a circle or the centre of a circle. Several interrelated beautiful paintings surrounds the mandala, and the picture is drawn from the centre of the image. This image of the mandala depicts life as interconnected and never-ending. Thus, the circle is a great symbol showing that life is endless and interrelated. Mandala is a spiritual Asian art with much symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

What is Unique about Mandala Art?

A mandala is a symbol of the universe. Its creation transforms universal suffering into enjoyment. Mandalas, meaning circles in Sanskrit, are symbols used for meditation, prayer, and art therapy for different aged people. Clinical studies, have proved that mandalas boost the immune system, are stress relievers, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and help people overcome depression.

What is Mandala Art Drawing?

A mandala is a complex design that is usually drawn in circular form. Generally, mandalas have a specific centre point from which different shapes and symbols are drawn.

What do Mandala Colours Mean?

Mandalas consist of 9 colours, and each of them depicts several meanings. You can change the meaning of one mandala by changing the colours. Here are the intentions of the colours
  • Red : Red colour depicts strength, a high level of energy and passion
  • Pink : It depicts love for someone, emotion and the feminine
  • Orange : This colour means creativity, transformation, self-awareness
  • Yellow : This colour depicts Learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness
  • Green : This colour is related to physical healing, physical ability, love of nature and caring.
  • Blue : It relates inner things like emotional healing, inner peace and meditation
  • White : White stands for focus
  • Black : This colour is situated with Mystery, individuality and deep thinking.

Which Pen is used for Mandala Art?

Mandalas are a part of adult colouring. Mandala is drawn to focus on your mind. However, Mandalas are helpful in art therapy to deal with PTSD, dementia, stress, and fatigue. Thus, creating a perfect mandala is very crucial. For making an ideal mandala, the pens given below are one of the best pens to try. Go to Canvazo, one of the biggest stationery suppliers in India.

Canvas Mandala Pens Kit includes a 1-Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens Set of 10 & 1-Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set. For creating perfect manuals, one can use this pen. The brush nibs are ideal for drawing broad strokes, and the superfine nibs create crispiness. Get a fantastic discount on this product from Canvazo.

Bruster fine liner has felt or plastic nibs and comes in different sizes. This is one of the most popular pens used for mandalas. This pen has quick-drying features, which are excellent for anime, mandalas, design and comics. It is waterproof and fade-resistant. It can be used in an acid-free environment.
 Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set | Mandala Pens are among the best pens for drawing mandalas. These pens come in various sizes and colours. However, most people use black ink. One should use micron 05, i.e. 0.45mm nib for fine liners. Sakura pens don’t bleed or smudge. Hence, this is a fantastic product to be used for Mandala painting. The colours don’t fade away, they are waterproof, and you can paint over them if you wish. Therefore, these features make it the best pen for fine art and mandalas.

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