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Art Therapy! Canvazo

Art Therapy!


Art reduces anxiety.

It is official now but didn’t we all know this for long…

Science has now proven that only doing 45 minutes of any art activity reduces the stress-related hormone cortisol. So, by all means, let’s create art!


Creating art is a therapy, a purging of challenging emotions. It also provides a distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences and is restorative. A plus- plus for our psychological and physical well-being! And then we have something more: a lovely art piece to display talk about and bring us more joy. 

Here are some great ideas to relieve stress. So gather your Fevicryl supplies and get going!

1. Make & Colour Mandalas 

Mandalas are indeed therapeutic, a combination of circular design and patterns.  They have been used since ages for healing. When we colour a mandala, we express our thoughts through colours, leading to self-awakening and consciousness. Make mandalas on paper, canvases, plates, wood and more and colour them with bright and vibrant Fevicryl acrylic or neon colours, and you will have a lovely piece of décor too.

2. Dotillism 

Making various sizes of dots which leads to creating of beautiful art, is what dotillism is all about. The first practitioners of this art form were the Aboriginals from Australia, wherein they used dots to paint nature, rituals, ceremonies and symbols on their cave walls. A great way to relax and calm the nerves, dotillism has become very popular worldwide.

3. Fluid Art

Fluid art is fun! A unique and proven way to foster well-being and have fun at the same time, fluid art is increasingly being used by Art therapists to promote healing. The colours flowing into one another and creating a matchless masterpiece is satisfying. One can create lovely fluid art using Fevicryl Acrylic Colours in multiple ways. Click on the link to learn more about the techniques of making Fluid Art:

4. Doodling 

Doodle, we must, as doodling brings our innate thoughts to the fore. A Harvard study says that, unlike the old belief, doodling promotes thinking and creativity. It also provides a much-needed reprieve to an overheated brain. It is the gap between focus and un-focus. So doodle on! We have just the product to make some terrific doodle art – the quintessential Fevicryl 3D outliners. These little magical tubes are perfect for doodling on the go, on almost any substrate, be it a diary, bag, or bottle.

5. Just Art

And lastly, be it a 2-year-old child or an 80-year-old adult, art is very intrinsic and personal. It is a great anxiety-relieving tool and is meditative. It may be something as small as a doodle on the margin of the page or more elaborate like a canvas painting. Art helps you reach the state of flow, which helps improve self-esteem and leads to self-discovery. Clay Modelling, painting, sculpting, paper crafting, sketching, embroidery or practicing any form of art is an ideal medication for many ills that plague us in this century.  


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