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  • Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour on the Stretched Canvas are high-quality, lightfast, durable, permanent, and vibrant colours for professionals and students. These colours are well-known to provide uniform consistency and top-notch strength. It has moderate pigments that help to cover all the required parts of the application surface.
  • The overall opacity and transparency of the colours might vary based on the total amount of pigments used. The oil colour set has a perfect consistency and easily blends into various mediums, helping you achieve your desired artwork. If you apply a thin film of these colours, it might take 2 to 12 days to touch dry completely. You can purchase the Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour set from our online art supply store at affordable pricing and assured quality.

Creative Artwork:

  • The Winton Oil Colours are used by professional artists on stretched canvas and by beginners to create abstract & other types of beautiful artwork. These Best Oil Colours are affordable & easy to use, especially for those artists who are using oil colours for the first time.

Canvas Painting:

  • Using the oil colour tube from the Winsor and Newton Winton brand, art enthusiasts can create an effortless & mesmerizing painting on canvas. Such Best Oil Colours provide great covering & tinting strength.

Oil Painting:

  • Winsor and Newton Winton offer the Best Oil Colours. What makes them the best brand is their permanent nature, uniform consistency, & touch dry in thin films feature that's helpful to create beautiful oil paintings.


1. Is there any toxic component in the Winsor and Newton Oil Colours?

Ans - No, the Winton Oil Colours are non-toxic & safe to use. Do not inhale or swallow it mistakenly, as that might lead to serious health repercussions.

2. What is the texture of the Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour Set?

Ans - The Winsor and Newton Winton Oil colours have gel-like, smooth, buttery & slimy textures.

3. Is Winsor and Newton Oil Colours waterproof?

Ans - Yes, the Winsor & Newton Drawing oil colour tube has the inks developed using the top-notch quality dyes inside the Shellac binder. These drawing inks are 100% water resistant, making Winsor and Newton Oil Colour Tube waterproof.

4. Is Winsor & Newton a reliable paint brand?

Ans - Winsor & Newton is a famous brand among art enthusiasts. Their broad product range is highly pigmented & offers the Best Oil Colours for creating masterful artwork.

5. What is the range of Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour?

Ans - These colours are available in the 47 colours spectrum in the WOC range. This extraordinary range of colours is permanent & ensures durability.

Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour Tubes - 37ml (Loose Colours)

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Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Tubes - 37ml (Loose Colours) Winsor & Newton
Winsor and Newton Winton Oil Colour Tubes - 37ml (Loose Colours)
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