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For all your casting applications, Thick Cast is a preferred choice.
Why Choose Thick Cast?
  • Allows thick casting in just a single pour (upto 2 inches). Saves a lot of time while working on large projects!
  • Creates a deep, clear finish, that looks like liquid glass
  • Has the most advanced bubble release mechanism
  • Lowest exothermic heat buildup which resists stress cracking (It is an important feature to look out for while using any casting resin)

Thick Cast Epoxy Resin is an absolute favorite of seasoned artists working on river tables, large artworks requiring deep casting or even beginners who are starting out with casting artworks and want to avoid the hassle of multiple pours to get the desired thickness.


  • Part A : Part B 3:1 by weight
  • Mix it well for 3-4 minutes scraping the sides and bottom well
  • Working time 4 hours. Pour as you like it
  • Wait for ~2 days for the artwork to cure before demolding, touching.

Pourfect Thick Cast Professional Kit - 4kg

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  • 4kg

Pourfect Thick Cast Professional Kit - 4kg Pourfect
Pourfect Thick Cast Professional Kit - 4kg
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