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Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners

  • Fevicryl non-sticky 3D outliner is specially designed, so that 3D designs do not stick together when overlapped after drying
  • Can be used on earthen pots, diyas & surfaces like wood, leather, stone, canvas, metal, terracotta and many other surfaces
  • Fevicryl 3D Outliners are wash proof and quick drying
  • Create beautiful 3D art with these easy to use neon outliners
  • Available in vibrant colours, use the outliners to trace or outline designs or to fill in colour

Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners are an electrifying addition to your artistic toolkit. This set features vibrant neon shades that add an eye-catching pop of color and dimension to your artwork. Crafted with precision, these high-quality 3D liners allow you to create intricate designs with ease. Whether you're embellishing fabric, glass, or other surfaces, the neon liners offer a striking 3D effect that stands out. With their quick-drying and water-based formula, these liners provide smooth application and long-lasting brilliance. Unleash your creativity and illuminate your art with the captivating radiance of Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners.

Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners

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Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners Pidilite
Pidilite Fevicryl 3D Neon Liners
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