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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint Set

  • This Pebeo Vitrail Collection Set contains everything you need to start glass painting in a customisable box with 2 draws for storing the paints and accessories.
  • The storage box is made from a heavy duty brown cardboard.
  • Included in this Pebeo Vitrail Collection Set is 9 x 45ml Vitrail glass paint colours (White, Lemon, Crimson, Salmon Coral, Red Violet, Deep Blue, Teal, Dark Green & Black), 1 x 45ml Vitrail Lightening Medium, 2 x 20ml Cerne Relief (White & Gold), 1 x Paint Brush & a leaflet.
  • Pebeo Vitrail is a solvent-based transparent glass paint with a professional glossy finish.

  • They can be used as they are or with the Cerne Relief outliners to give a stained glass effect and to stop colours from mixing into one another.

  • Previously known as a Pebeo Vitrail Workbox.


    Unleash your creativity with the Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint Set for Decorative Glass. This collection case features ten 45 ml bottles of high-quality, oil-based glass paints. With a wide range of stunning colors and finishes, including glossy, opaque, and metallic options, these paints provide a professional and high gloss shine. Perfect for creating decorative glass art and stained glass effects, these waterproof paints offer excellent adhesion and are ready-to-use. The collection case keeps your paints organized and easily accessible for your artistic projects. Explore the endless possibilities of Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint and transform your glass creations into works of art.

Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint Set for Decorative Glass- Collection case - 10 x 45 ml

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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint - Collection case - 10 x 45 ml Pebeo
Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint Set for Decorative Glass- Collection case - 10 x 45 ml
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