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Pebeo Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit 

  • Solvent Based, Glossy, 2 x Bottles of 45 ml Good lightfastness (when paired with Vitrail Colours) Instruction Leaflet Included
  • Pebeo’s crackling effect kit helps in achieving an antique / crackled look in just 3 steps
  • Step A - Apply the Vitrail colours on the selected piece (glass, plexiglass, metal or earthenware) to be decorated. Depending on the thickness of the layer, allow to dry for 1 or 2 hours the paint should be slightly tacky to the touch. Pebeo Cerne Relief outliners can be used to delineate / contain the Vitrail colours to mimic Stained Glass painting
  • Step B - Apply the Crackling Effect Step 1 in a uniform and moderately loaded coat. Cracks will appear within 15 minutes. Allow to dry for 24 hours; Step C - After drying, apply a uniform coat of the Crackling Effect Step 2. Your crackling effect will be permanently protected
  • Dried objects can be washed lightly with cold water and are resistant to glass cleaner Always clean brushes thoroughly with white spirit or odourless mineral spirit or General’s Brush Cleaners & Preservers, then rinse with soapy water after and before using them with Pebeo Vitrail Crackling Kit

Pebeo Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit on Glass

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Pebeo Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit on Glass Pebeo
Pebeo Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit on Glass
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