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Pebeo Studio Gouache Paint Set-12 Shades in 12ML

  • Pebeo Studio Gouache Set is specially designed for students & professionals
  • Great for beginners studying colour theory & for professional illustrators seeking quality on a budget
  • High concentration of pigments, vivid, opaque, matte, with good lightfastness Colours can be mixed together & diluted with water Can be diluted when dry
  • Ideal for designers, illustrators, graphic artists & fine artists; Suitable for making models, study works, illustration and decoration Can be applied to paper, cardboard, Bristol board, etc Colours dry within hours of application, depending upon the dilution & paperweight
  • Set of 12 Colours in 12 ML Tubes; Included - Primary Yellow, Vermillion, Carmine, Primary Magenta, Cabalt Violet Imit., Primary Cyan, Spring Green, Emerald Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black & Permanent White
  • Based: Water
  • Finish: Matt
  • Target: Confirmed amateur, Adult, Student, Amateur beginner
  • Size: 12 ML
  • Drying: Within hours according to the dilution and paper weight
  • Dilution: Dilution: Water, according to the desired intensity.
  • Application Supports: Paper, Bristol board, canvas boards
  • Made in France


Pebeo Studio Gouache Paint Set-12 Shades in 12ML

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Pebeo Studio Gouache Set-12 Tubes -12ML Pebeo
Pebeo Studio Gouache Paint Set-12 Shades in 12ML
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