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Pebeo Studio Fine XL Oil Colour Tubes 37ml (Loose)


  • These colours mix easily and quickly, and their fast-drying time allows artists to add subsequent coats after only four days.

  • Finely Ground, Intensely Pigmented & Permanent
  • Ideal for application on canvas, cardboard, paper and wood, suitable for producing large pictorial spaces as well
  • Lightfastness - (Very Good); Transparent; Pigment - PR122
  • This range consists of a diverse palette of intermixable colours and effects such as traditional colour, light or pastel colour, bright modern colours and the ready to use unique transparent glazing colours and iridescent Dyna colours, all colours are compatible with each other; XL Oils have very good lightfastness; Extra Fine Oil Paints
  • Touch dry in 3 to 6 days depending on the thickness of the application; Advisable to wait for 6 to 9 months before varnishing; Since XL Oil dries quickly, overlay work can be undertaken after 3 to 4 days; All colours are blendable and have the same viscosity
  • Quick drying, versatile oil colours created specifically to meet the requirements of contemporary artists; Ideal for professional artists, mixed media artists, hobby artists, students of art and high volume users; Finely Ground, Intensely Pigmented and Permanent; Ideal for application on canvas, cardboard, paper and wood, suitable for producing large pictorial spaces as well
  • XL Oils have a smooth, supple consistency; suitable for all techniques from glazing to layering thick coats
  • Can be used in conjunction with mediums and auxiliaries for more effects
  • Paints can be diluted with solvents or oils
  • Clean brushes and tools after use with turpentine or mineral spirit
  • Tubes are made in China
  • Tube size: 37 ML 


Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 37ml (Loose)

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  • 25427-Burnt Sienna-22
  • 25427-Burnt Umber-23
  • 25427-Cadmium Green Hue-16
  • 25427-Bright Blue-33
  • 25427-Cerulean Blue Imit-13
  • 25427-Cadmium Red Deep Imit-06
  • 25427-Bright Green-34
  • 25427-Chartreuse Yellow-52
  • 25427-Cobalt Violet Light-28
  • 25427-Crimson-43
  • 25427-Dioxazine Purple-09
  • 25427-Green Earth-44
  • 25427-Imitation Zinc White-46
  • 25427-Ivory Black-24
  • 25427-Lemon Cadmium Yellow Imit-01
  • 25427-Madder Carmine-08
  • 25427-Naples Yellow-19
  • 25427-Payne's Grey-45
  • 25427-Phthalocyanine Emerald-18
  • 25427-Primary Cadmium Yellow Imit-02
  • 25427-Primary Phthalo Blue-11
  • 25427-Prussian Blue-10
  • 25427-Raw Sienna-21
  • 25427-Raw Umber-29
  • 25427-Red Ochre-42
  • 25427-Sap Green-17
  • 25427-Titanium White-25
  • 25427-Ultramarine Blue-14
  • 25427-Van Dyck Brown-30
  • 25427-Venetian Yellow Orange-41
  • 25427-Vivid Orange-35
  • 25427-Vivid Pink-37
  • 25427-Vivid Turquoise-38
  • 25427-Vivid White-40
  • 25427-Yellow Ochre-20
  • 25427-Aureoline-49
  • 25427-Bright Pink-27
  • 25427-Bright Red-32
  • 25427-Bright Yellow-31
  • 25427-Cadmium Light Red Imit-05
  • 25427-Cadmium Orange Imit-04
  • 25427-Cadmium Yellow Deep Imit-03
  • 25427-Cobalt Blue Imit-12
  • 25427-Ivory White-65
  • 25427-Madder-50
  • 25427-Magenta-07
  • 25427-Neutral Grey-48
  • 25427-Precious Gold-55
  • 25427-Steel Blue-47
  • 25427-Stil De Grain-53
  • 25427-Glaze-403

Pebeo Studio Fine XL Oil Colour Tubes 37ml (Loose) Pebeo
Pebeo Studio Fine Oil Colour XL Tubes 37ml (Loose)
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