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Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Shimmer Paint

  • Setacolor Opaque Shimmer colours are water based, concentrated, intense and vivid colours suitable for decoration on dark or light, thin or thick, natural or synthetic fabrics. The colours give an iridescent finish when used on all prewashed fabrics like cotton, wool, mesh, jersey, velvet, jacquard, knit, polyester, unwoven mixed fibres and even leather. It is imperative to wash new fabrics before using Setacolor Opaque as they are impregnated with sizing, which prevents the paint from penetrating the fibers. Stir the colours well before use.
  • The Setacolor Opaque Shimmer colours are available in 20 colours in 45 ml bottles. Shimmer opaque colours provide excellent coverage with glittering and iridescent effects. Fabric artists agree, these fresh, intense colors are truly versatile. These ready to use colours are very covering and can be used pure or diluted with water to obtain a watercolour effect. Their rich texture is particularly indicated for various textile decorating techniques: stencilling, block printing, batik, screen printing, etc. with a paint brush, dropper, stamp or silkscreen painting stencil. All colours mix easily and deliver excellent lightfastness. When used with Setacolor auxiliaries additional effects can be obtained to multiply the techniques.
  • We recommend that you use a soft, natural / synthetic fibre brush, such as Pebeo Iris, Princeton VelveTouch, Escoda Prado, Princeton Miniature or any of the semi soft bristle brushes available on our website. Clean the brushes with soap and water before and after use. You can also use other tools such as sponge, dropper, acetate film / stencil and Setacolor stencil for applying the Setacolor onto the fabric. 
  • Air dry for one hour prior to fixing the Setacolor paint onto the fabric. For fixing the colours, set the knob of the iron to the cotton setting without steam and iron the fabric on the reverse side for 5 minutes. It is also possible to fix the colours onto the fabric in a kitchen oven at 150°C (300°F), (at a stable temperature) for 5 minutes. However, please be sure that the fabric is stable at this temperature of 150°C. After fixing, the decorated fabric become resistant to hand washing and machine washing at 40°C (100°F). The fabric also doesn’t stiffen on washing.

Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Shimmer Paint - 45 ML

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  • Opaque Shimmer Paint
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Pebeo Setacolor Fabrics Paint - 45 ML Canvazo
Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Shimmer Paint - 45 ML
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