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Pebeo Rectified Turpentine

  • Pebeo Rectified Turpentine is a volatile oil used to dissolve the top layers of oil colours.
  • Obtained from the distilled resin of certain varieties of pine, it gives a matt aspect which is less accentuated than that achieved with Pebeo essential oil of petroleum. 
  • Turpentine is a good diluent that gives you light colours.
  • While using oil paints if you find the colour to be too thick, you can dilute it in this Rectified Turpentine for the perfect shade.
  • It also allows a longer working time with the paint.
  • Creating a mess while painting will no more be a concern, as this Pebeo Rectified Turpentine prevents the formation of smudges and other mishaps while painting.

Pebeo Rectified Turpentine is a premium solvent for artists working with oil paints. This high-quality turpentine is distilled to ensure purity and superior performance. It effectively thins oil paints, enhances flow, and aids in brush cleaning. The low evaporation rate allows for extended working time, giving artists more flexibility in their creative process. Pebeo Rectified Turpentine is ideal for achieving transparent glazes, smooth washes, and rich, layered effects. It can also be used for cleaning brushes and other painting tools. With its reliable and professional-grade formulation, Pebeo Rectified Turpentine is a must-have for oil painters seeking optimal results.

Pebeo Rectified Turpentine

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Pebeo Extra Fine Auxiliaries - Rectified Turpentine Pebeo
Pebeo Rectified Turpentine
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