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Pebeo Odourless Mineral Spirit

  • Pebeos range of solvents and thinners are used to liquefy oil paints, mediums and most varnishes by thinning them can also be used to clean painting tools.
  • Derived from the distillation of petroleum, this clear solvent can be used as an alternative to Turpentine.
  • It gives a matt look which is less accentuated than that achieved with Pebeo essential oil of petroleum.
  • It offers a solution near turpentine while having the advantage of being nearly odourless.

Pebeo Extra Fine Auxiliaries Odourless Mineral Spirit is an essential companion for artists working with oil paints. This high-quality mineral spirit effectively thins oil paints, enhances flow, and cleans brushes without the harsh odor associated with traditional solvents. It allows for easy blending and layering, ensuring smooth and professional results. The low evaporation rate of this odorless mineral spirit provides artists with extended working time. It is also non-toxic, making it safe for use in enclosed spaces. With Pebeo Extra Fine Auxiliaries Odourless Mineral Spirit, artists can confidently explore new techniques and achieve remarkable oil painting effects.

Pebeo Odourless Mineral Spirit

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Pebeo Extra Fine Auxiliaries - Odourless Mineral Spirit Pebeo
Pebeo Odourless Mineral Spirit
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