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 Fine Masking Fluid and Drawing Gum

  • Pebeo Drawing Gum Natural Latex is a peelable rubber solution for masking paper in artworks generally done in ink

  • To avoid damaging brushes while using the Drawing Gum
  • Bottle of 45 ml
  • Colour is applied over it once dry and then it is peeled off.

  •  It is applied using a brush or pen on the parts of the work to be masked
  • Colour is applied when the drawing gum is dry.
  • Once the colours are completely dry just rub the gum with your finger or with an eraser to reveal the masked parts
  • Code: 033000
  • Replacement of masking tape
  • It is water soluble when wet but becomes waterproof after drying.
  • It protects the white of the paper from the paint and retains its luminosity and brilliance.

  •  Ideal use on Watercolour and gouache

    Pebeo Extra Fine Masking Fluid and Drawing Gum are essential tools for artists and watercolor enthusiasts. This 100 ML bottle of masking fluid provides precision control for preserving areas of your artwork while applying watercolor washes. It dries quickly to form a protective barrier, allowing you to paint freely over it. The drawing gum, available in a 45 ML bottle, is ideal for creating fine lines and intricate details. It can be easily peeled off once dry, revealing untouched areas. These high-quality products ensure clean and crisp results, giving you the freedom to experiment and unleash your creativity with confidence.


Pebeo Extra Fine Masking Fluid and Drawing Gum

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Pebeo Drawing Gum Pebeo
Pebeo Extra Fine Masking Fluid and Drawing Gum
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