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  • Set of 6 and 12.
  • There are 12 different chisel-shaped knives in this collection.
  • ideal option for cutting wood and producing original works of art provides long-lasting accuracy when cutting edges
  • For full-length use, the blades are consistently hardened.
  • Additionally, the blades are lacquer coated and heat tempered to prevent rust.
  • High-quality hard carbon steel was used to create these carving tools, resulting in their long lifespan and peak performance.
  • provide a light, solid wood handle for maximum user comfort.
  • The instruments are already sharpened and prepared for usage.
    suited for woodworking, carving, modeling, sculpting, graining, and scraping.
  • Can also be utilized for clay sculpture, arts, and crafts projects
  1. 1 Square Chisel
  2. 1 Skin Chisel
  3. 1 Curved Gouge
  4. 1 Curved Flat
  5. 1 Curved U tool
  6. 1 Straight Gauge

Canvazo Carving Knife Wooden Sets

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  • 12 Pcs
  • 6 Pcs

Canvazo Carving Knife Wooden Sets Canvazo
Canvazo Carving Knife Wooden Sets
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