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iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 250ML (Loose Color)

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Color: Antique Photograph-Brown

  • Antique Photograph-Brown
  • Apricot-Brown Gray
  • Autumn Valley-Light Beige
  • Billow-Cyan Blue
  • Blue Street-Blue
  • Bongo Jazz-Rose Red
  • Camp Fire-Orange
  • Caprice-Lilac
  • Old World Blue-Navy Blue
  • Coconut Milk-Light Grey
  • Cream Pie-Bluish Grey
  • Crimson Depth-Crimson Red
  • Cypress Green-Deep Green
  • Dark Secret-Black
  • Deep Water-Dark Green
  • Dessert Warmth-Flesh Tint
  • Distant Haze-Mint Green
  • Egyptian Earth-Dark Orange
  • Eleanors Emerald-Deep Green
  • Flamboyant-Pink
  • Foxy Lady-Grey
  • French Grape-Maroon
  • Global Waters-Dark Blue Turquoise
  • Golden Green-Yellowish Green
  • Grape Vineyard-Purple
  • Great Grey-Dark Grey
  • Grilled Peppers-Tree Green
  • Heatthrow-Mehendi Green
  • Inspired Violet-Violet
  • Intense Ocean-Turquoise
  • Iris Impact-Purple
  • Irish Acres-Leaf Green
  • Jasperware-Light Blue
  • Khakhi Moss-Khakhi Brown
  • Kingdom-Ultramarine Blue
  • Light Out-Black
  • Magic Blue-Sky Blue
  • Marine Blue-Blue
  • Midnight Coffee-Coffee Brown
  • Minnesota Pines-Grey Green
  • Mystic Shadow-Lilac
  • Palm Tree-Olive Green
  • Radical Raspberry-Rose Pink
  • Rich Rouge-Red
  • Rich Yellow-Cream
  • Roman Purple-Dark Purple
  • Rose Debut-Light Pink
  • Royal Gold-Chrome Yellow
  • Scottsdale-Maroon
  • Shakespeare-Lime Yellow
  • Sleigh Bells-Grey
  • Smokey Claret-Brick Red
  • Spearmint-Dark Mint Green
  • Spice Island-Dark Ochre
  • Spiders Web-Grey
  • St. Charles Street-Baby Pink
  • Stewart House Brown-Brown
  • Strawberry Crush-Pink
  • Stromy Sky-Blue Grey
  • Summer Fern-Lemon Yellow
  • Sunny Yellow-Yellow
  • Supernova-Golden Yellow
  • Thai Teal-Teal Blue
  • Wine & Dine-Wine Purple


  • 3046-APRICOT-250 ML
  • 3046-AUTUMN-VALLEY-250 ML
  • 3046-BILLOW-250 ML
  • 3046-BLUE-STREET-250 ML
  • 3046-BONGO-JAZZ-250 ML
  • 3046-CAMP-FIRE-250 ML
  • 3046-CAPRICE-250 ML
  • 3046-OLD WORLD BLUE-250 ML
  • 3046-COCOUNT-MILK-250 ML
  • 3046-CREAM-PIE-250 ML
  • 3046-CRIMSON-DEPTH-250 ML
  • 3046-CYPRESS-GREEN-250 ML
  • 3046-DARK-SECRET-250 ML
  • 3046-DEEP-WATERS-250 ML
  • 3046-DESSERT-WARMTH-250 ML
  • 3046-DISTANT-HAZE-250 ML
  • 3046-EGYPTION-EARTH-250 ML
  • 3046-FLAMBOYANT-250 ML
  • 3046-FOXY-LADY-250 ML
  • 3046-FRENCH-GRAPE-250 ML
  • 3046-GLOBAL-WATERS-250 ML
  • 3046-GOLDEN-GREEN-250 ML
  • 3046-GRAPE-VINEYARD-250 ML
  • 3046-GREAT-GREY-250 ML
  • 3046-HEATTHROW-250 ML
  • 3046-INTENSE-OCEAN-250 ML
  • 3046-IRIS IMPACT-250 ML
  • 3046-IRISH-ACRES-250 ML
  • 3046-JASPERWARE-250 ML
  • 3046-KHAKH-MOSS-250 ML
  • 3046-KINGDOM-250 ML
  • 3046-LIGHT-OUT-250 ML
  • 3046-MAGIC-BLUE-250 ML
  • 3046-MARINE-BLUE-250 ML
  • 3046-MYSTIC-SHADOW-250 ML
  • 3046-PALM-TREE-250 ML
  • 3046-RICH-ROUGH-250 ML
  • 3046-RICH-YELLOW-250 ML
  • 3046-ROMAN-PURPLE-250 ML
  • 3046-ROSE-DEBUT-250 ML
  • 3046-ROYAL GOLD-250 ML
  • 3046-SCOTTSDALE-250 ML
  • 3046-SHAKESPEARE-250 ML
  • 3046-SLEIGH-BELLS-250 ML
  • 3046-SMOKEY-CLARET-250 ML
  • 3046-SPEARMINT-250 ML
  • 3046-SPICE-ISLAND-250 ML
  • 3046-SPIDERS-WEB-250 ML
  • 3046-ST.-CHARLES-STREET-250 ML
  • 3046-STORMY-SKY-250 ML
  • 3046-SUMMER-FERN-250 ML
  • 3046-SUNNY-YELLOW-250 ML
  • 3046-SUPERNOVA-250 ML
  • 3046-THAI-TEAL-250 ML
  • 3046-WINE-&-DINE-250 ML
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  • Water-based, lead-free, non-toxic, quick-drying paint, dry odor free & easy to clean up
  • Chalk paint has the perfect consistency for spreading with rollers, sponges, and brushes. Use a flat brush for best results. They work great with stencils as well
  • Most preferred for decoupage, mixed media, home décor, and altered art
  • The chalk paints can be directly used on any surface, without applying any primer
  • Chalk paints work best for distressing techniques to get an aged look as they give a matte finish and can be sanded easily
  • Chalk paint colors can be mixed with each other to get different shades

Antique Photograph-Brown, Apricot-Brown Gray, Autumn Valley-Light Beige, Billow-Cyan Blue, Blue Street-Blue, Bongo Jazz-Rose Red, Camp Fire-Orange, Caprice-Lilac, Old World Blue-Navy Blue, Coconut Milk-Light Grey, Cream Pie-Bluish Grey, Crimson Depth-Crimson Red, Cypress Green-Deep Green, Dark Secret-Black, Deep Water-Dark Green, Dessert Warmth-Flesh Tint, Distant Haze-Mint Green, Egyptian Earth-Dark Orange, Eleanors Emerald-Deep Green, Flamboyant-Pink, Foxy Lady-Grey, French Grape-Maroon, Global Waters-Dark Blue Turquoise, Golden Green-Yellowish Green, Grape Vineyard-Purple, Great Grey-Dark Grey, Grilled Peppers-Tree Green, Heatthrow-Mehendi Green, Inspired Violet-Violet, Intense Ocean-Turquoise, Iris Impact-Purple, Irish Acres-Leaf Green, Jasperware-Light Blue, Khakhi Moss-Khakhi Brown, Kingdom-Ultramarine Blue, Light Out-Black, Magic Blue-Sky Blue, Marine Blue-Blue, Midnight Coffee-Coffee Brown, Minnesota Pines-Grey Green, Mystic Shadow-Lilac, Palm Tree-Olive Green, Radical Raspberry-Rose Pink, Rich Rouge-Red, Rich Yellow-Cream, Roman Purple-Dark Purple, Rose Debut-Light Pink, Royal Gold-Chrome Yellow, Scottsdale-Maroon, Shakespeare-Lime Yellow, Sleigh Bells-Grey, Smokey Claret-Brick Red, Spearmint-Dark Mint Green, Spice Island-Dark Ochre, Spiders Web-Grey, St. Charles Street-Baby Pink, Stewart House Brown-Brown, Strawberry Crush-Pink, Stromy Sky-Blue Grey, Summer Fern-Lemon Yellow, Sunny Yellow-Yellow, Supernova-Golden Yellow, Thai Teal-Teal Blue, Wine & Dine-Wine Purple

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3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-250 ML, 3046-APRICOT-250 ML, 3046-AUTUMN-VALLEY-250 ML, 3046-BILLOW-250 ML, 3046-BLUE-STREET-250 ML, 3046-BONGO-JAZZ-250 ML, 3046-CAMP-FIRE-250 ML, 3046-CAPRICE-250 ML, 3046-OLD WORLD BLUE-250 ML, 3046-COCOUNT-MILK-250 ML, 3046-CREAM-PIE-250 ML, 3046-CRIMSON-DEPTH-250 ML, 3046-CYPRESS-GREEN-250 ML, 3046-DARK-SECRET-250 ML, 3046-DEEP-WATERS-250 ML, 3046-DESSERT-WARMTH-250 ML, 3046-DISTANT-HAZE-250 ML, 3046-EGYPTION-EARTH-250 ML, 3046-ELEANORS-EMRALD-250 ML, 3046-FLAMBOYANT-250 ML, 3046-FOXY-LADY-250 ML, 3046-FRENCH-GRAPE-250 ML, 3046-GLOBAL-WATERS-250 ML, 3046-GOLDEN-GREEN-250 ML, 3046-GRAPE-VINEYARD-250 ML, 3046-GREAT-GREY-250 ML, 3046-GRILLED-PEPPERS-250 ML, 3046-HEATTHROW-250 ML, 3046-INSPIRED-VIOLET-250 ML, 3046-INTENSE-OCEAN-250 ML, 3046-IRIS IMPACT-250 ML, 3046-IRISH-ACRES-250 ML, 3046-JASPERWARE-250 ML, 3046-KHAKH-MOSS-250 ML, 3046-KINGDOM-250 ML, 3046-LIGHT-OUT-250 ML, 3046-MAGIC-BLUE-250 ML, 3046-MARINE-BLUE-250 ML, 3046-MIDNIGHT-COFFEE-250 ML, 3046-MINNESOTA-PINES-250 ML, 3046-MYSTIC-SHADOW-250 ML, 3046-PALM-TREE-250 ML, 3046-RADICAL-RASPBERRY-250 ML, 3046-RICH-ROUGH-250 ML, 3046-RICH-YELLOW-250 ML, 3046-ROMAN-PURPLE-250 ML, 3046-ROSE-DEBUT-250 ML, 3046-ROYAL GOLD-250 ML, 3046-SCOTTSDALE-250 ML, 3046-SHAKESPEARE-250 ML, 3046-SLEIGH-BELLS-250 ML, 3046-SMOKEY-CLARET-250 ML, 3046-SPEARMINT-250 ML, 3046-SPICE-ISLAND-250 ML, 3046-SPIDERS-WEB-250 ML, 3046-ST.-CHARLES-STREET-250 ML, 3046-STEWART-HOUSE-BROWN-250 ML, 3046-STRAWBERRY-CRUSH-250 ML, 3046-STORMY-SKY-250 ML, 3046-SUMMER-FERN-250 ML, 3046-SUNNY-YELLOW-250 ML, 3046-SUPERNOVA-250 ML, 3046-THAI-TEAL-250 ML, 3046-WINE-&-DINE-250 ML

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iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 250ML (Loose Color)

Antique Photograph-Brown / 3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-250 ML
Antique Photograph-Brown / 3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-250 ML
Rs. 375.00 Rs. 338.00