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iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML (Loose Color)

iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML is a transformative medium that redefines DIY projects with its exceptional versatility and ease of use. This premium chalk paint offers a velvety matte finish, creating a timeless and sophisticated look for furniture, home decor, and crafts.

With a rich and creamy consistency, the chalk paint adheres effortlessly to various surfaces such as wood, metal, and ceramics. The 100ML size ensures an ample supply for projects of different scales, allowing for creative expression without limitations. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, the user-friendly nature of iCraft Chalk Paint makes it accessible for all levels of expertise.

The paint dries quickly, enabling you to achieve professional-looking results in no time. Its compatibility with distressing techniques adds an authentic vintage charm to your creations. The extensive color palette provides options to suit any aesthetic, allowing you to personalize and revitalize your surroundings with ease.

Enhance your DIY experience with iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML, where each brushstroke brings new life to your projects. Express your creativity, revitalize your space, and enjoy the satisfaction of transforming ordinary items into personalized masterpieces with the timeless appeal of chalk paint.


iCraft Chalk Paint Loose - 100ML (Loose Color)

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  • 3046-APRICOT-100 ML
  • 3046-AUTUMN-VALLEY-100 ML
  • 3046-BILLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-BLUE-STREET-100 ML
  • 3046-BONGO-JAZZ-100 ML
  • 3046-CAMP-FIRE-100 ML
  • 3046-CAPRICE-100 ML
  • 3046-OLD WORLD BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-COCONUT-MILK-100 ML
  • 3046-CREAM-PIE-100 ML
  • 3046-CRIMSON-DEPTH-100 ML
  • 3046-CYPRESS-GREEN-100 ML
  • 3046-DARK-SECRET-100 ML
  • 3046-DEEP-WATER-100 ML
  • 3046-DESSERT-WARMTH-100 ML
  • 3046-DISTANT-HAZE-100 ML
  • 3046-EGYPTIAN-EARTH-100 ML
  • 3046-FLAMBOYANT-100 ML
  • 3046-FOXY-LADY-100 ML
  • 3046-FRENCH-GRAPE-100 ML
  • 3046-GLOBAL-WATERS-100 ML
  • 3046-GOLDEN-GREEN-100 ML
  • 3046-GRAPE-VINEYARD-100 ML
  • 3046-GREAT-GREY-100 ML
  • 3046-HEATTHROW-100 ML
  • 3046-INTENSE-OCEAN-100 ML
  • 3046-IRIS-IMPACT-100 ML
  • 3046-IRISH-ACRES-100 ML
  • 3046-JASPERWARE-100 ML
  • 3046-KHAKH-MOSS-100 ML
  • 3046-KINGDOM-100 ML
  • 3046-LIGHT-OUT-100 ML
  • 3046-MAGIC-BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-MARINE-BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-MYSTIC-SHADOW-100 ML
  • 3046-PALM-TREE-100 ML
  • 3046-RICH-ROUGE-100 ML
  • 3046-RICH-YELLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-ROMAN-PURPLE-100 ML
  • 3046-ROSE-DEBUT-100 ML
  • 3046-ROYAL-GOLD-100 ML
  • 3046-SCOTTSDALE-100 ML
  • 3046-SHAKESPEARE-100 ML
  • 3046-SLEIGH-BELLS-100 ML
  • 3046-SMOKEY-CLARET-100 ML
  • 3046-SPEARMINT-100 ML
  • 3046-SPICE-ISLAND-100 ML
  • 3046-SPIDERS-WEB-100 ML
  • 3046-ST.-CHARLES-STREET-100 ML
  • 3046-STORMY-SKY-100 ML
  • 3046-SUMMER-FERN-100 ML
  • 3046-SUNNY-YELLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-SUPERNOVA-100 ML
  • 3046-THAI-TEAL-100 ML
  • 3046-WINE-&-DINE-100 ML

iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML (Loose Color) iCraft
iCraft Chalk Paint Loose - 100ML (Loose Color)