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iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML (Loose Color)

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• Works on All Surfaces• Top Rack Dishwasher Safe• Can Be Used For Any Mix Media Projects• Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly & Dries Fast• Can Be Used For Children’s Creative Work

Color: Antique Photograph

  • Antique Photograph
  • Apricot
  • Autumn Valley
  • Billow
  • Blue Street
  • Bongo Jazz
  • Camp Fire
  • Caprice
  • Old World Blue
  • Coconut Milk
  • Cream Pie
  • Crimson Depth
  • Cypress Green
  • Dark Secret
  • Deep Water
  • Dessert Warmth
  • Distant Haze
  • Egyptian Earth
  • Eleanors Emerald
  • Flamboyant
  • Foxy Lady
  • French Grape
  • Global Waters
  • Golden Green
  • Grape Vineyard
  • Great Grey
  • Grilled Peppers
  • Heatthrow
  • Inspired Violet
  • Intense Ocean
  • Iris Impact
  • Irish Acres
  • Jasperware
  • Khakh Moss
  • Kingdom
  • Light Out
  • Magic Blue
  • Marine Blue
  • Midnight Coffee
  • Minnesota Pines
  • Mystic Shadow
  • Palm Tree
  • Radical Raspberry
  • Rich Rouge
  • Rich Yellow
  • Roman Purple
  • Rose Debut
  • Royal Gold
  • Scottsdale
  • Shakespeare
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Smokey Claret
  • Spearmint
  • Spice Island
  • Spiders Web
  • St. Charles Street
  • Stewart House Brown
  • Strawberry Crush
  • Stromy Sky
  • Summer Fern
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Supernova
  • Thai Teal
  • Wine & Dine


  • 3046-APRICOT-100 ML
  • 3046-AUTUMN-VALLEY-100 ML
  • 3046-BILLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-BLUE-STREET-100 ML
  • 3046-BONGO-JAZZ-100 ML
  • 3046-CAMP-FIRE-100 ML
  • 3046-CAPRICE-100 ML
  • 3046-OLD WORLD BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-COCONUT-MILK-100 ML
  • 3046-CREAM-PIE-100 ML
  • 3046-CRIMSON-DEPTH-100 ML
  • 3046-CYPRESS-GREEN-100 ML
  • 3046-DARK-SECRET-100 ML
  • 3046-DEEP-WATER-100 ML
  • 3046-DESSERT-WARMTH-100 ML
  • 3046-DISTANT-HAZE-100 ML
  • 3046-EGYPTIAN-EARTH-100 ML
  • 3046-FLAMBOYANT-100 ML
  • 3046-FOXY-LADY-100 ML
  • 3046-FRENCH-GRAPE-100 ML
  • 3046-GLOBAL-WATERS-100 ML
  • 3046-GOLDEN-GREEN-100 ML
  • 3046-GRAPE-VINEYARD-100 ML
  • 3046-GREAT-GREY-100 ML
  • 3046-HEATTHROW-100 ML
  • 3046-INTENSE-OCEAN-100 ML
  • 3046-IRIS-IMPACT-100 ML
  • 3046-IRISH-ACRES-100 ML
  • 3046-JASPERWARE-100 ML
  • 3046-KHAKH-MOSS-100 ML
  • 3046-KINGDOM-100 ML
  • 3046-LIGHT-OUT-100 ML
  • 3046-MAGIC-BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-MARINE-BLUE-100 ML
  • 3046-MYSTIC-SHADOW-100 ML
  • 3046-PALM-TREE-100 ML
  • 3046-RICH-ROUGE-100 ML
  • 3046-RICH-YELLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-ROMAN-PURPLE-100 ML
  • 3046-ROSE-DEBUT-100 ML
  • 3046-ROYAL-GOLD-100 ML
  • 3046-SCOTTSDALE-100 ML
  • 3046-SHAKESPEARE-100 ML
  • 3046-SLEIGH-BELLS-100 ML
  • 3046-SMOKEY-CLARET-100 ML
  • 3046-SPEARMINT-100 ML
  • 3046-SPICE-ISLAND-100 ML
  • 3046-SPIDERS-WEB-100 ML
  • 3046-ST.-CHARLES-STREET-100 ML
  • 3046-STORMY-SKY-100 ML
  • 3046-SUMMER-FERN-100 ML
  • 3046-SUNNY-YELLOW-100 ML
  • 3046-SUPERNOVA-100 ML
  • 3046-THAI-TEAL-100 ML
  • 3046-WINE-&-DINE-100 ML
Rs. 195.00 Rs. 166.00
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• Works on All Surfaces
• Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
• Can Be Used For Any Mix Media Projects
• Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly & Dries Fast
• Can Be Used For Children’s Creative Work

Antique Photograph, Apricot, Autumn Valley, Billow, Blue Street, Bongo Jazz, Camp Fire, Caprice, Old World Blue, Coconut Milk, Cream Pie, Crimson Depth, Cypress Green, Dark Secret, Deep Water, Dessert Warmth, Distant Haze, Egyptian Earth, Eleanors Emerald, Flamboyant, Foxy Lady, French Grape, Global Waters, Golden Green, Grape Vineyard, Great Grey, Grilled Peppers, Heatthrow, Inspired Violet, Intense Ocean, Iris Impact, Irish Acres, Jasperware, Khakh Moss, Kingdom, Light Out, Magic Blue, Marine Blue, Midnight Coffee, Minnesota Pines, Mystic Shadow, Palm Tree, Radical Raspberry, Rich Rouge, Rich Yellow, Roman Purple, Rose Debut, Royal Gold, Scottsdale, Shakespeare, Sleigh Bells, Smokey Claret, Spearmint, Spice Island, Spiders Web, St. Charles Street, Stewart House Brown, Strawberry Crush, Stromy Sky, Summer Fern, Sunny Yellow, Supernova, Thai Teal, Wine & Dine

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3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-100 ML, 3046-APRICOT-100 ML, 3046-AUTUMN-VALLEY-100 ML, 3046-BILLOW-100 ML, 3046-BLUE-STREET-100 ML, 3046-BONGO-JAZZ-100 ML, 3046-CAMP-FIRE-100 ML, 3046-CAPRICE-100 ML, 3046-OLD WORLD BLUE-100 ML, 3046-COCONUT-MILK-100 ML, 3046-CREAM-PIE-100 ML, 3046-CRIMSON-DEPTH-100 ML, 3046-CYPRESS-GREEN-100 ML, 3046-DARK-SECRET-100 ML, 3046-DEEP-WATER-100 ML, 3046-DESSERT-WARMTH-100 ML, 3046-DISTANT-HAZE-100 ML, 3046-EGYPTIAN-EARTH-100 ML, 3046-ELEANORS-EMRALD-100 ML, 3046-FLAMBOYANT-100 ML, 3046-FOXY-LADY-100 ML, 3046-FRENCH-GRAPE-100 ML, 3046-GLOBAL-WATERS-100 ML, 3046-GOLDEN-GREEN-100 ML, 3046-GRAPE-VINEYARD-100 ML, 3046-GREAT-GREY-100 ML, 3046-GRILLED-PEPPERS-100 ML, 3046-HEATTHROW-100 ML, 3046-INSPIRED-VIOLET-100 ML, 3046-INTENSE-OCEAN-100 ML, 3046-IRIS-IMPACT-100 ML, 3046-IRISH-ACRES-100 ML, 3046-JASPERWARE-100 ML, 3046-KHAKH-MOSS-100 ML, 3046-KINGDOM-100 ML, 3046-LIGHT-OUT-100 ML, 3046-MAGIC-BLUE-100 ML, 3046-MARINE-BLUE-100 ML, 3046-MIDNIGHT-COFFEE-100 ML, 3046-MINNESOTA-PINES-100 ML, 3046-MYSTIC-SHADOW-100 ML, 3046-PALM-TREE-100 ML, 3046-RADICAL-RASPBERRY-100 ML, 3046-RICH-ROUGE-100 ML, 3046-RICH-YELLOW-100 ML, 3046-ROMAN-PURPLE-100 ML, 3046-ROSE-DEBUT-100 ML, 3046-ROYAL-GOLD-100 ML, 3046-SCOTTSDALE-100 ML, 3046-SHAKESPEARE-100 ML, 3046-SLEIGH-BELLS-100 ML, 3046-SMOKEY-CLARET-100 ML, 3046-SPEARMINT-100 ML, 3046-SPICE-ISLAND-100 ML, 3046-SPIDERS-WEB-100 ML, 3046-ST.-CHARLES-STREET-100 ML, 3046-STEWART-HOUSE-BROWN-100 ML, 3046-STRAWBERRY-CRUSH-100 ML, 3046-STORMY-SKY-100 ML, 3046-SUMMER-FERN-100 ML, 3046-SUNNY-YELLOW-100 ML, 3046-SUPERNOVA-100 ML, 3046-THAI-TEAL-100 ML, 3046-WINE-&-DINE-100 ML

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iCraft Chalk Paint Loose 100ML (Loose Color)

Antique Photograph / 3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-100 ML
Antique Photograph / 3046-ANTIQUE-PHOTOGRAPH-100 ML
Rs. 195.00 Rs. 166.00