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• Ideal Use: Haunted House And Stage Painting, Ideal On Skips, Bollards, Bicycles, Ships, Bridges And More
• Granotone Fluorescent Paint is a highly visible at extreme distance and daylight
• It do not tend to appear white, grey, or black at extreme and dusk, dawn or low light condition
• This is a huge benifit for signage and any product that need to be seen in a work environment for safety

Granotone Fluorescent Paints 50gm

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  • 24001-Orange
  • 24001-Yellow
  • 24001-Green
  • 24001-Magenta
  • 24001-Blue
  • 24001-Rocket Red

Granotone Fluorescent Paints 50gm Granotone
Granotone Fluorescent Paints 50gm
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