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Faber-Castell Ready Mix Tempera (Choose Colours)

  •  Ideal Use : Hand and Fun Painting Early Age
  •  Qty : 500ml
  •  Bright raedy to use Colours
  •  Pre-mixed tempera paint for immediate use, eliminating the need for additional mixing.

  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors, offering a wide palette for artistic expression.

  • Provides a smooth and consistent application on various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and more.

  • Dries quickly, allowing for efficient layering and reducing waiting time between coats.

  •  Water-based formula ensures easy cleanup, making it suitable for children's art projects.

  •  Suitable for a range of surfaces, making it ideal for both paper-based and craft projects.

  • Perfect for various art and craft activities, including school projects, DIY endeavors, and more.

  •  Non-toxic and safe for use by children, providing a worry-free painting experience.

  • Can be applied with brushes or fingers, offering flexibility in artistic techniques.

Faber-Castell Ready Mix Tempera is a convenient and versatile paint option, suitable for both artistic and educational purposes.

Faber-Castell Ready Mix Tempera (Choose Colours)

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Faber-Castell Ready Mix Tempera (Choose Colours) Faber-Castell
Faber-Castell Ready Mix Tempera (Choose Colours)
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