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Canvazo MDF Tajmahal Design-029 (7 Inch)

  • Wooden MDF with smooth surface, great for decoupage, painting, staining, coloring, wood-burning crafts, or writing
  • Item Size: 7 inches X 3.5 inches
  • Material: MDF, Color: Brown, Thickness - 3 mm
  • Canvazo's MDF Taj Mahal Design is perfect for creating decorative wall art, adding a touch of cultural elegance to your living space.
  • Use the Taj Mahal design for DIY crafting projects, allowing you to paint, embellish, or customize it for personalized artistic expression.
  •  Incorporate the Taj Mahal design into cultural displays or themed decor, especially if you have a love for Indian or Mughal-inspired aesthetics.
  • Ideal for educational purposes, the Taj Mahal design can be used in school projects, presentations, or as a visual aid for learning about historical landmarks.
  •  Use the Taj Mahal design to embellish gifts, creating a unique and culturally inspired touch for special occasions.
  • Prop the Taj Mahal design on tabletops or shelves, bringing a distinctive cultural element to your interior decor.

Canvazo MDF Tajmahal Design-029 (7 Inch)

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Canvazo MDF Tajmahal Design-029 (7 Inch) Canvazo
Canvazo MDF Tajmahal Design-029 (7 Inch)
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