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  • The Canvazo ceramic palette for painting is made from a ceramic material that blends various colours on a palette, especially for gouache, watercolour, and acrylic painting. The entire structure of the palette is crafted in a way that can adjust different colours simultaneously and has multiple blocks that are prepared at a distance from each other so that the paint doesn't overlap. Moreover, it is sturdy, durable, fragile, heavy, stainless, and non-toxic in nature. Most of our ceramic palettes for watercolours painting have a snow-white glossy glaze. It saves you from water beading and enhances the overall performance of the paint colours. Canvazo Ceramic palettes for watercolour painting are often considered a better choice than metal palettes or plastic palettes. It is due to the heavy weight that allows it to keep the colours on its plates that can withstand heavy weather as well without flipping the palette. You can purchase them according to your desired design, such as rectangular shapes, squares, flower circular, etc.

Colour Mixing:

  • The ceramic palettes for watercolours painting is used to blend multiple colours leading to beautiful creations of unique colours. You can use various styles of colours for mixing, such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic, etc., for painting on Stretched Canvas, metals, wood, etc.

Supportive Tool:

  • The palettes are well-known for holding colours on their surface without flipping or staining the palette. It makes it easier for art professionals to colour with ease.

Types of Ceramic Palettes:

  • There are various types of Ceramic Palettes for Painting, such as Ceramic Gouache Palettes, Ceramic Watercolour Palettes, Cloud Ceramic Palettes, Cloud Palettes, and Handmade Ceramic Palettes. Other than this, typically, palettes come in metal & plastic materials too. You can find them in various shapes and grids, such as square,  rectangular, circular, and an amalgamation of one or another.  Generally, a ten-grid Ceramic Palette is ideal for professional artists. Rest, you can purchase according to your unique requirement.

Brands of Ceramic Palette:

  • At Canvazo, we only deal in providing top-notch quality products that are suitable to meet the needs of students, professional artists, or as well as other art enthusiasts. Our firm offers Canvazo Ceramic Palette in a rectangular shape with ten grids. You can use a Canvazo Ceramic Palette either for acrylic, tempera painting, water colouring, oil, or for gouache painting. This eco-friendly, premium, and durable ceramic palette allows you to mix vibrant colours without staining your palette. The best part about Canvazo Ceramic Palette is that when you combine different colours on the palette, it does not flip around, ensuring that your palette is heavy enough to sit sturdily on a particular surface. It is easy to clean the ceramics palette supplied by us. You need to use a sponge or any tissue and clean the Canvazo Ceramic Palette surface using hot water and then put it under the running water to clean everything. After drying, it will be good to go for your subsequent usage.


1. Is a Canvazo Ceramic Palette an excellent alternative in comaprison to other types of palettes

Ans - Yes, Canvazo Ceramic Palette for Painting is the best option for art enthusiasts. It helps to blend various types of paints smoothly & efficiently. Moreover, it allows the paint colour to stay moist for an extended period with a clear appearance for using them on Stretched Canvas, wood, etc.

2. Is the ceramic palette suitable for mixing oil painting colours?

Ans - Most of the Ceramic palettes are not meant for the oil paint colours. Various toxic chemicals, such as paint thinners, might erode the ceramics, making a rough surface unsuitable for mixing the oil colours.

3. What is the proper procedure for cleaning the ceramic palette after using it?

Ans - It's quite an easy process to clean the ceramic palette after using it. At the beginning of the cleaning process, you must dip them in soapy hot water for a few minutes. Then, use a sponge to clean all the stuck paint colours from the palette.  Afterward, use running water to rinse the ceramic palette. Let it dry,  & you are good to use it for next time.

4. What is the shelf life of a Ceramic Palette for Painting?

Ans - The Ceramic Palette for Painting can be used for a lifetime. It ultimately depends on your usage & the proper care of it. Timely cleaning & occasional usage will help retain its benefits for an extended period.

5.  the paint colours put the stains over Canvazo Ceramic Palette for Painting?

Ans - The Ceramic Palette for Painting has a porcelain surface, which ensures no stains of colours are left behind in the palette, irrespective of the high pigmentation of the colours.

6. Are the ceramic palettes for watercolours painting washable?

Ans - Yes, the ceramic palettes for watercolours painting are washable. They are reusable & you can wash them for reuse as many times as you want.

    Canvazo Ceramic Palettes for Painting

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