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  • Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set

  • Solvent Based Colours are a range of intense rich colors with more gloss
  • The pack contains 5 assorted shades in a 20ml bottle, one 20ml black glass liner tube, and a 20ml medium in bottle
  • The Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set is a premium collection of vibrant and translucent glass colors, specially formulated for creating stunning designs on glass surfaces. This set includes a range of colors that are solvent-based, providing excellent adhesion and durability on glass.

    Each color in the set is carefully crafted with high-quality pigments, ensuring intense color saturation and exceptional lightfastness. The solvent-based formula allows for easy application and smooth coverage, allowing artists to achieve precise details and intricate designs on glass.

    These glass colors can be used on a variety of glass surfaces, including windows, vases, glassware, and more. They are perfect for creating stained glass effects, glass painting, and decorative designs. The colors dry quickly and become water-resistant once cured, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant results.

    The set comes with a range of brush sizes, allowing for versatility and flexibility in your glass painting projects. The colors can be mixed together to create custom shades and gradients, providing endless possibilities for your artistic creations.

    Whether you're a professional glass artist or a hobbyist, the Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set is an essential addition to your art supplies. Experience the brilliance and beauty of these glass colors as you transform ordinary glass surfaces into works of art.

  • Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set

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    Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set Camel
    Camel Glass Colours Solvent Based Set
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