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Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine

• Ideal Use : Oil Painting
• Solvent For Cleaning Painting Tools
• Can Be Used To Thin Oil Colours

Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine is a premium solvent that is a staple for artists and painters. This high-quality turpentine is distilled to ensure purity and effectiveness in various artistic applications.

Distilled Turpentine is an essential solvent for thinning oil paints, varnishes, and mediums, making them more fluid and easily spreadable. It aids in the smooth application of paint, creating subtle transitions and glazes. The turpentine also facilitates the cleaning of brushes and other painting tools, effectively removing oil-based residues and maintaining their longevity.

Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, ensuring that it does not affect the final appearance or drying time of the artwork. It has a low odor, making it suitable for artists who are sensitive to strong smells or working in enclosed spaces.

The convenient bottle design of the Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine allows for easy and controlled pouring. The top cap ensures secure storage and prevents leakage, making it ideal for both studio and outdoor use.

Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine provides the necessary solvent for your oil painting needs. Unlock the versatility of your oil paints and maintain the quality of your artistic tools with this reliable and high-quality turpentine.

Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine

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Camel Distilled Turpentine Camel
Camel Camlin Distilled Turpentine
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