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Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit 

  • For Artists sensitive to odours, this medium reduces the odour while thinning the oil paint just like turpentine oil
  • It does not leave any trace upon drying and evaporates slowly without degrading over time
  • Ideal For Cleaning Brushes

Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit in a convenient 100ml bottle offers artists a reliable and efficient solvent for their painting needs. This high-quality mineral spirit effectively thins oil-based paints, varnishes, and mediums, allowing for smooth and controlled application. What sets it apart is its odour-free formulation, providing a pleasant painting experience without the strong smell commonly associated with traditional solvents. The 100ml size is perfect for both studio and on-the-go use. With its superior cleaning power and low toxicity, Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit ensures a safe and comfortable working environment while maintaining the integrity of your artistic process.

Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit in a 100ml bottle offers a safe and effective solution for artists in need of a solvent for oil painting. This high-quality mineral spirit is specially formulated to provide superior cleaning power while minimizing strong odours. It effectively removes oil paints, varnishes, and mediums from brushes, palettes, and other tools. The 100ml size is convenient for both studio and travel use. With its low odour formulation, artists can work comfortably without being overwhelmed by strong solvent smells. The Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit is an essential tool for artists seeking a reliable and odourless cleaning option for their oil painting process.

Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit 100ml

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Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit 100ml Brustro
Brustro Odour-Free Mineral Spirit 100ml
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