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Brustro Matte Fluid Medium

• Brustro Matte Fluid Medium improves fluidity, transparency, and matte quality of acrylic colours
• It is water soluble and dries rapidly
• Once dried, it is transparent and water-resistant
• It can be added in any proportion to the paint
• To obtain satin effect, mix with gloss gel medium
• Does not crack on drying

Brustro Matte Fluid Medium in a 100ml bottle is a versatile and essential medium for artists. This high-quality fluid medium is specially formulated to provide a matte finish to acrylic paints. It enhances the flow and leveling properties of paints, allowing for smooth and even application. The matte finish adds a non-reflective, velvety texture to artworks, creating a sophisticated and professional appearance. With its easy-to-use consistency and quick drying time, this medium is ideal for creating layers, glazes, and achieving subtle gradations. Brustro Matte Fluid Medium is a must-have for artists seeking to add depth and matte effects to their acrylic paintings.

Brustro Matte Fluid Medium 100ml

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Brustro Matte Fluid Medium 100ml Brustro
Brustro Matte Fluid Medium 100ml
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