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Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set 

• Fine brush tip for detailing • Brush tip facilities variable strokes, contouring and shading • Durable foam brush tip, does not fray • Can be used for fashion illustrations, calligraphy, rubber stamps and graphic design • Shading effect can be obtained by touching one tip of the brush to the other • Pigment based, water proof, archival ink, acid free for precise drawing, illustrations & Modern calligraphy.

Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set of 12 is a versatile and vibrant collection of brush pens that provide artists with a wide range of colors for their creative projects. Each pen features a flexible brush tip that allows for smooth and controlled strokes, making them perfect for creating fine lines, bold strokes, and dynamic effects. The water-based ink delivers rich and saturated colors that blend seamlessly, offering endless possibilities for shading, layering, and creating beautiful gradients. With their portable and convenient design, the Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set of 12 is ideal for artists, illustrators, and hobbyists who desire a versatile and high-quality brush pen set.

Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set of 12

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Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set of 12 Brustro
Brustro Colour Brush Pen Set of 12
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