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Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil

• Brustro Linseed oil is Extracted from linseed, it is a purified oil with a natural amber tint
• Liquifies oil paints while retaining its original apperance
• Dries faster than most other oils and adds body to paint
• It is best to be used with dark or slow drying colours as it has a tendency to turn yellow over time
• Excess usage should be avoided

Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil in a 100ml bottle is a premium medium for artists working with oil paints. This high-quality linseed oil is specially refined to offer superior clarity and purity. It enhances the flow, transparency, and glossiness of oil paints, allowing for smooth and vibrant brushwork. The 100ml size is convenient for both studio and on-the-go use. By mixing it with oil colors, artists can achieve richer hues and improved blending properties. Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil is a trusted choice for artists seeking to enhance the luminosity and longevity of their oil paintings, providing a professional touch to their artistic expressions.

Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil 100ml

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Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil 100ml Brustro
Brustro Clarified Linseed Oil 100ml
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