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Pigment Liners and Fine Liners


Pigment liners are pens with a fine tip used for drawing, sketching, and outlining. They are called pigment liners because they use pigment-based ink, which is fade-resistant and waterproof, unlike dye-based ink, which tends to fade over time.

Pigment liners come in different tip sizes, from ultra-fine to broad, to create various line widths. They are often used in combination with other drawing materials such as pencils, markers, and watercolors.

Pigment liners are popular among artists, designers, architects, and anyone who needs to make precise lines and details in their work. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as paper, canvas, wood, and fabric. Some popular brands of pigment liners include Micron, Staedtler, Sakura, and Faber-Castell.

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